TikTok Labels AI-Generated Content

PLUS: Apple Launches AI Server Chips, Leaked Deck Unveils OpenAI Pitch and more.


  • TikTok Labels AI-Generated Content

  • OpenAI Considers Creating AI Pornography

  • Mistral AI Eyes $6 Billion Valuation

  • Apple Launches AI Server Chips

  • Leaked Deck Unveils OpenAI Pitch

  • Global Banks Boost AI Teams

  • NY Times' $1M OpenAI Lawsuit Costs

TikTok to automatically label AI-generated user content in global first

TikTok is implementing a new feature that will automatically label AI-generated content, becoming the first social media platform to do so. This move aims to increase transparency and inform users when they are viewing content that has been generated or altered by artificial intelligence.

The labels will help users understand the origin of the content and make more informed decisions about what they consume and share. By implementing this feature, TikTok is taking a step towards addressing concerns about the potential misuse of AI-generated content.

OpenAI considers allowing users to create AI-generated pornography

OpenAI is considering allowing users to create explicit content like AI-generated pornography using its tools, including ChatGPT and DALL-E. Despite maintaining its ban on deepfakes, OpenAI believes such content could be created responsibly. Critics argue that this proposal contradicts OpenAI's mission to build "safe and beneficial" AI, warning it could exacerbate child sexual abuse and challenge regulation. 

OpenAI aims to engage users and society in discussions about generating NSFW content, emphasizing age-appropriate contexts and deepfake prohibition. However, skepticism remains over the tech sector's ability to responsibly handle adult material.

AI Challenger Mistral Set to Nearly Triple Valuation to $6 Billion in Six Months

Mistral AI, a French startup, is on the verge of significantly boosting its valuation to $6 billion, nearly tripling its worth in just six months. The company is planning to secure around $600 million in a funding round with substantial contributions from existing investors General Catalyst and Lightspeed Venture Partners. 

Mistral focuses on open-source LLMs to compete with firms like OpenAI and Anthropic, positioning itself as a "European champion" in AI development. Investor interest highlights the heated AI market despite challenges in the broader tech sector. This financial move aims to position Mistral AI to effectively compete against major Silicon Valley firms in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

Apple to Power AI Tools With In-House Server Chips This Year

Apple Inc. is set to introduce new AI features in 2024, using its in-house processors in data centers. High-end Mac-grade chips will be placed in cloud-computing servers to handle advanced AI tasks for Apple's devices, while simpler features will be processed directly on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. 

This aligns with Apple's broader AI strategy, which CEO Tim Cook believes will benefit from the company's proprietary chip technology. The initiative aims to deliver AI capabilities through both on-device and cloud approaches, enhancing user experience while leveraging Apple's custom-designed hardware.

Leaked Deck Reveals How OpenAI Is Pitching Publisher Partnerships

OpenAI is courting media companies with its Preferred Publisher Program, offering benefits like priority placement in ChatGPT, financial incentives, and brand exposure. The program, leaked in a presentation, aims to secure partnerships with high-quality publishers, including those already signed like The Associated Press and The Financial Times. OpenAI's pitch promises guaranteed payments and variable rewards based on user engagement. 

Despite OpenAI's disputes over details in the deck, the company remains focused on gaining access to contemporary publisher data while navigating legal challenges around data scraping and copyright infringement.

The world's biggest banks are hiring AI talent twice over

Big banks are rapidly increasing their AI hiring despite industry-wide job cuts. A study by Evident revealed that at 50 of the world's largest banks, AI talent hiring grew by 9% in the last six months, double the rate of overall headcount growth. JPMorgan Chase leads with the most AI employees, followed by Capital One and Wells Fargo. 

Despite layoffs, banks like Deutsche Bank and Lloyds Bank significantly expanded their AI teams. The focus is now shifting from planning to implementation, with 68% of new AI hires aimed at practical application roles like data engineering and model risk.

The New York Times spent $1 million so far in its OpenAI lawsuit

The New York Times has spent $1 million in its lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft. Despite the significant legal costs, the newspaper stated that the expenses haven't affected its operational performance. The lawsuit, focused on copyright infringement, was highlighted in the Times' first-quarter 2024 financial report.

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