Sora Revolutionizes Video Creation

PLUS: Bing Chief Exits in AI Pivot, Adobe Launches Tools for AI-Powered Campaigns and more.


  • Sora Revolutionizes Video Creation

  • FTX Unloads $884M Anthropic Stake

  • Zuckerberg Woos DeepMind Talent

  • Bing Chief Exits in AI Pivot

  • Teams Enhances AI Copilot Features

  • Adobe Launches Tools for AI-Powered Campaigns

OpenAI's STUNNING SORA Movies Showcase | Sam Altman Goes to Hollywood and Creativity Unchained

Sora, the groundbreaking AI software, is causing a stir with its incredible text-to-video capabilities. It utilizes AI and neural networks to generate stunning videos from prompts, impressing the creative community. Despite not being publicly released, it's hailed as the best AI video platform.

OpenAI collaborates with artists and filmmakers to enhance Sora's creative potential. While some fear job loss and artistic integrity, others embrace its democratizing potential, allowing anyone to bring their visions to life. 

FTX to Sell $884M of Anthropic Shares to Two Dozen Institutional Investors

The FTX bankruptcy estate is selling most of its shares in Anthropic, an AI startup, to institutional investors, pocketing $884 million. The top buyer, ATIC Third International Investment Company, is shelling out $500 million for a chunk of Anthropic. Other buyers include Jane Street Global Trading, Fidelity Investments, and The Ford Foundation. 

This sale marks a victory for FTX, aiming to reimburse its collapsed exchange's customers fully. FTX's FTT token surged 10% in response. Originally purchased for $500 million in 2021, the Anthropic shares doubled in value due to ChatGPT's popularity boom. This sale contrasts with FTX's previous asset dumps.

Mark Zuckerberg is writing personal emails to AI researchers at Google's DeepMind to recruit them

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is recruiting AI researchers from Google's DeepMind through personally written emails. Meta has also been offering jobs to candidates without conducting any interviews.

This recruitment effort is part of Zuckerberg's strategy to establish Meta as a dominant player in the AI space. Meta has prioritized AI as its largest investment area for both engineering and compute resources.

Microsoft Bing Head to Step Down Amid AI Push

Bing icon in 3D. My 3D work may be seen in the section titled "3D Render."

Mikhail Parakhin, head of Microsoft's Bing search engine and ad business, is reportedly stepping down amid the company's intensified focus on artificial intelligence (AI). Parakhin's departure follows the appointment of Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind, to lead Microsoft's consumer AI efforts. 

Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, has been driving the integration of AI into various projects, including Windows, Office, and Bing, to compete with Google. Microsoft's substantial investments in AI, including $13 billion in OpenAI, underscore its commitment to advancing in this field. 

Microsoft Teams is getting smarter Copilot AI features

Being a team.

Microsoft is enhancing its AI-powered Copilot in Teams, offering easier access during meetings and improving message composition. The Copilot will merge spoken and written transcripts for better meeting catch-up. Users can expect message rewriting suggestions and context-based message generation. Intelligent call recap, available with Teams Premium, simplifies note-taking during calls. 

Additional updates include automatic camera switching for hybrid meetings and speaker recognition. New carrier partnerships will support Teams Phone Mobile. These enhancements collectively strengthen Copilot's utility within Teams, showcasing Microsoft's commitment to integrating AI into office applications for improved collaboration.

Adobe introduces structure reference for Firefly AI and GenStudio for brands

Adobe cloud icon in inflated and 3d form

Adobe introduces GenStudio, aiding enterprise users in creating AI assets for campaigns. GenStudio streamlines content generation, offering tools for planning, managing, and measuring marketing efforts. It integrates with Adobe Workfront for project management and Adobe Experience Manager Assets for personalized content creation. 

Adobe also unveils the Structure Reference feature for Firefly AI, enabling users to guide image generation based on object arrangement. This tool empowers designers seeking consistency and precision in AI-generated imagery. While some features are limited to Firefly, Adobe's commitment to commercially-safe AI and licensed imagery distinguishes it in the market.


The paper discusses challenges faced in deploying large language model (LLM) agents efficiently. It introduces AIOS, an operating system embedding LLM, aiming to optimize resource allocation, facilitate agent interactions, and enable concurrent execution. Experiments show reliability and efficiency. AIOS aims to enhance LLM agent performance and pioneer better AIOS development. Open-source at GitHub.

FlashFace is a user-friendly tool enabling easy personalization of photos using reference faces and text prompts. It preserves identity better by encoding face details into feature maps and balancing text and image guidance. Experimental results confirm its effectiveness for various applications.

The paper addresses challenges in accurately generating images from complex text prompts featuring multiple subjects. Existing methods struggle due to semantic leakage between subjects during the generation process. To mitigate this, the authors propose Bounded Attention, a training-free technique that restricts information flow, enhancing individual subject representation in generated images. Experimental results confirm its effectiveness.

SDXS is a novel approach to reduce latency in image generation using latent diffusion models. By optimizing model architecture and employing a one-step training technique, SDXS achieves significantly faster inference speeds compared to previous models. SDXS also facilitates efficient image-to-image translation, enhancing its practical applications.

The paper investigates the trustworthiness of compressed Large Language Models (LLMs), a popular strategy for resource-efficient inferences. Evaluating three leading LLMs across multiple compression techniques, it reveals intricate trade-offs between compression and trustworthiness. Findings show quantization as more effective than pruning, with moderate quantization improving certain trustworthiness dimensions. Recommendations emphasize comprehensive trustworthiness evaluation alongside performance metrics. 


Generative UI  - Generative UI support

Double -  AI coding assistant engineered for performance.

HoppyCopy - Use AI to generate powerful content for hundreds of different email marketing campaigns, drips, newsletters and more in seconds

Creo - AI powered internal tool builder

Athina - Monitor LLMs in production. Detect and fix hallucinations. Manage your prompts. All in one place.



MicroStrategy Releases Auto, the Customizable AI Bot That Makes Enterprise Analytics Accessible to Anyone, Building on MicroStrategy AI

MicroStrategy released Auto, an AI bot simplifying business analytics, integrating natural language processing. It's customizable, embeddable, and fosters smarter decision-making by providing insights sans complex dashboards. Auto boosts productivity for both data consumers and creators, streamlining access to enterprise analytics, reducing backlog, and enhancing strategic project focus. YAHOO!

Standard AI shifts focus to computer vision analytics for retailers, now valued at $1.5 billion

Standard AI, valued at $1.5 billion, shifts focus from autonomous checkout to computer vision analytics for retailers. New products offer insights into shopper behavior, inventory management, and merchandising without facial recognition. The move responds to slow adoption of autonomous checkout, leveraging AI models for broader applications in retail analytics. VENTUREBEAT

AI Is Putting the Silicon Back in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley sees a resurgence as Nvidia's dominance in AI chip market prompts startups to develop their own semiconductors. Despite the risks and costs, companies like MatX, founded by former Google engineers, are venturing into chip design driven by the immense potential of AI technology. BLOOMBERG

AI-Powered Accounting Startup FundGuard Locks Up $100M

FundGuard, an AI-powered investment accounting platform, secures $100 million led by Key1 Capital. The New York-based startup plans to enhance product innovation and expand its customer base. With this round, FundGuard's total funding surpasses $150 million, reflecting investor confidence in its value proposition for modernizing investment accounting operations. CRUNCHBASE

Media groups look to AI tools to cut costs and complement storytelling

Media companies are increasingly turning to AI tools to streamline operations and enhance storytelling, aiming to cut costs amid industry challenges. While AI can optimize production processes and assist with tasks like generating text and images, it's unlikely to replace roles requiring nuance. Challenges include accuracy issues and ethical concerns, prompting discussions about the future roles of fact-checkers and ethics managers. FINANCIAL TIMES

Hackers Breached Hundreds Of Companies’ AI Servers, Researchers Say

Hackers hit hundreds of firms via Ray, an AI tool, using it to mine cryptocurrency. Oligo Security discovered the breach, affecting big names like Amazon and Uber. Vulnerabilities in Ray's open servers allowed hackers to install malware, compromising machines for over a year. Anyscale, Ray's overseer, faces scrutiny for downplaying the risks. FORBES

Profluent, spurred by Salesforce research and backed by Jeff Dean, uses AI to discover medicines

Profluent, born from Salesforce's ProGen project, harnesses AI to revolutionize medicine discovery. Led by Ali Madani, the company aims to streamline drug development by custom-designing treatments based on patient needs. Backed by notable investors, Profluent accelerates genetic medicine innovation, potentially slashing development time and costs significantly. TECHCRUNCH

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