Skype Bing AI Upgrade

Skype infused with Bing's AI magic. From personalized message tones to swift profile sharing


Skype’s Bing AI gets a massive upgrade with tone suggestions and more

Microsoft's jazzing up Skype! They've added cool new features to their Bing Chat in Skype to make your messages pop and not be so boring. Here's the scoop:

  • Skype's got this new thing where, as you type, it suggests how you might want to sound: Professional, Casual, Witty, or even Sarcastic.

  • Let's say you choose a tone, Bing Chat will then help rewrite your message to fit that vibe. You see this happening live. If you're feeling it, great – use that message. If not, just go back to what you originally wrote.

  • If you're fickle and change your mind about the tone, no sweat! Bing will give it another shot and rewrite your message with the new mood.

  • Apart from this, sharing your Skype profile's become a breeze. They've added a share icon, so with one click, you're good to go.

These upgrades are currently rolling out in phases, so if you're using Skype Insider build 8.104, you might have to wait a bit to see all these bells and whistles.

LexisNexis is embracing generative AI to ease legal writing and research

LexisNexis, the legal software giant, is hopping on the AI bandwagon to jazz up legal writing and research. Remember last year when those two NYC lawyers goofed up big time using ChatGPT to write a court brief? They ended up quoting fake cases and got a major side-eye from the judge. That was a wake-up call: AI tools can be handy, but you gotta double-check their homework, especially in court stuff.

Despite that fiasco, LexisNexis sees the silver lining. They're thinking AI can cut down on the snooze-worthy parts of a lawyer's job. Jeff Reihl, their tech head honcho, says they've been dabbling in AI for a bit. With tools like ChatGPT, they can help lawyers whip up documents and find case references quicker.

Nasdaq Exchange Gets Permission for First-Ever AI-Powered Order Type

Nasdaq just got the green light from the SEC to kick off the first-ever AI-powered order system. They're naming it M-ELO, and this smart tool will adjust on the fly to the stock market's vibe, making trades smoother and better.

They've already given this AI tech a spin in the U.S. options game earlier this year, and it's all part of Nasdaq's plan to jazz up the market scene. But even with this cool news, Nasdaq's stock isn't doing so hot right now - it's in the red for 2023.

eBay rolls out a tool that generates product listings from photos

eBay's launching a cool new feature for sellers: snap a pic, and their app will make a listing for you. Starting on iOS, then heading to Android, this tool makes titles, descriptions, and even suggests prices and shipping costs from just one photo. They're trying to make selling simpler, especially for newbies who might feel swamped by all the details. eBay's been diving deep into AI stuff, like using it for product descriptions and cleaning up listing photos. And they're not stopping there. They've got plans for more AI-powered tools down the road.

But hold up. Not everyone's on board. Long-time eBay sellers are kinda ticked off. They're seeing some wonky descriptions – like cameras sold with lens kits they don't actually have. Over on Reddit, sellers are chatting about these AI descriptions being either too chatty or just plain wrong. And this isn't just an eBay thing. Shopify and Amazon are also using AI for their listings.

Paige Announces Collaboration with Microsoft to Build the World’s Largest Image-Based AI Model to Fight Cancer

Paige, a big name in digital pathology and AI, is teaming up with Microsoft to create a super-duper AI model for fighting cancer. They're using a boatload of cancer images to train this AI, making it way bigger and smarter than anything out there. Microsoft's heavy-duty computing power is helping Paige make the tech even better. The goal? To spot the tricky details in cancer that even doctors might miss and improve treatments.

Paige's tech is already helping doctors do a better job treating cancer, and this new project aims to take it to the next level. It's all about giving doctors a better look at cancer so they can nail the diagnosis and treatment. Paige's tech is already approved by the FDA and is also helping drug companies figure out better treatment options.

Chinese fintech giant Ant Group unveils own AI large language model

Ant Group, a big Chinese tech company, has rolled out its own chatbot technology to up its game in the finance world. They've used tons of computing power to switch their whole financial operation to this new system. They're also testing out a couple of apps that help both regular folks and finance pros manage money, investments, and more.

It shows that China's big tech companies are hustling to catch up with Western tech, especially in using chatbot tech for different services. Also, while mainland China is pretty wary of new web technologies like Web3, Hong Kong is pushing hard to be a leader in that space.

AI expert is a hot new position in the freelance jobs market

Freelancing in AI is booming. Vlad Hu, a software guy turned AI guru, is cashing in, and he's not alone. Websites like LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Upwork are buzzing with AI job posts and folks looking for those gigs. It ain't just for tech nerds anymore; businesses across the board are trying to get AI into their game plan, whether it's for customer service bots or AI-powered videos.

Job posts for AI stuff on Indeed jumped 250% from 2021 to 2023. LinkedIn posts talking about AI are growing by the month. Even top dogs in companies plan to invest more in AI tech in the coming year. Most industries are playing catch-up; only about 2% of folks in tech, media, and information sectors really know their AI stuff, so there's room to make your mark.

What do you need to get in? Knowing computer science and programming languages like Python helps. College degrees are a plus but not a must; show you can do the job and you're golden. If you're a young gun looking to break in, start learning the basics now. But remember, it ain't just about knowing the tech; it's about figuring out how to make it useful in the real world.

Artists sign open letter saying generative AI is good, actually

Artists have penned an open letter to Congress, giving a thumbs-up to generative AI in the creative scene. They're saying it's not a newfangled boogeyman, but just another tool in their toolbox. These creatives are stressing that they've got a seat at the table when talking about AI rules and regs.

The letter points out that these AI tools break down barriers in the art world, which has been a playground for the rich and connected for way too long. Some folks have thrown shade at AI-driven art, calling it a copycat or even "stolen goods". The artists want Congress to loop them in when deciding how AI gets used and regulated.

But here's the catch: the letter kind of sidesteps some hefty criticism. Some believe AI systems are basically ripping off artists, using their work to make a quick buck without asking or paying up. It's like picking apples from someone else's tree and selling them as your own. As AI continues to shake up the art world, there's bound to be more back-and-forth on this. Stay tuned!

Senators Want ChatGPT-Level AI To Require A Government License

Two senators, one from each party, want to put the brakes on advanced AI like ChatGPT by making a special license mandatory. Under their plan, you’d need a green light from the government to work on this kind of tech, as well as for other "risky" uses like facial recognition. To get the license, companies would have to safety-check their AI, report any mess-ups, and let an outside group take a look under the hood.

They also think companies should spill the beans on what data they use to train these AIs. Plus, if an AI botches something and you get hurt, you should be able to take the company to court.

Here's how workers can show off their AI skills

So, you wanna jazz up your résumé with AI skills, huh? Experts say, "Go for it!" AI's all the rage in business these days, so if you know your way around ChatGPT or similar tech, don't be shy—flaunt it! Amanda Augustine from TopResumé says get familiar with how AI's being used in your line of work. Google it, take tutorials, just get in the know.

Already savvy with AI? Showcase it with real-world examples. Say you used ChatGPT to whip up a content calendar and saved your team time and cash. Put that win right on your résumé. No hands-on experience yet? No biggie! Do a side project and add that to your résumé too.

5 steps for assembling AI-driven business teams

If you're a startup lookin' to save some cash and time, you can't just slap AI into customer service and call it a day. These guys, Pavel and Alexander, ran tests and found that AI can do a whole lot more. They used ChatGPT to help with things like market research and saved themselves weeks of time and over 10 grand.

First thing's first: Be clear on what you want AI to do. Break down tasks so you know you're getting what you need. They used AI to study the Indian freelancing market, asking specific questions, and saved a bunch of time and money.

Also, tell the AI exactly what role it should play. If you're vague, you'll waste time instead of saving it. AI's not great with stuff like thinking on its own, so the clearer you are, the better the outcome.

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