Sam Altman Counters AI Doomers

PLUS: OpenAI Shares Model Spec Details, SoftBank Seeks Graphcore Chip Firm and more.


  • Sam Altman Counters AI Doomers

  • Google DeepMind Unveils AlphaFold 3

  • DatologyAI Unlocks LLMs’ Secret Sauce

  • SoftBank Seeks Graphcore Chip Firm

  • Microsoft Builds $3.3B Data Center

  • OpenAI Develops ChatGPT Search Tool

  • OpenAI Shares Model Spec Details

Microsoft Reveals SECRET NEW MODEL | GPT-5 DELAYED | Sam Altman speaks out against "Doomers"

Microsoft is developing a new AI model, MAI-1, with around 500 billion parameters to compete with Google and OpenAI. Led by Mustafa Suleyman, Microsoft acquired most of Inflection AI for $650 million to support this project. MAI-1 is expected to debut at the upcoming Microsoft Build conference, reflecting Microsoft's increasing focus on AI.

Meanwhile, Sam Altman refutes criticisms of AI's energy consumption, arguing that technological advancements lead to net energy savings and are crucial for progress. He emphasizes the importance of a positive outlook towards solving global issues and developing efficient AI technologies, despite some opposition based on environmental and bias concerns. He advocates for using AI to create abundance and improve life, opposing defeatist attitudes.

AlphaFold 3 predicts the structure and interactions of all of life’s molecules

AlphaFold 3, a groundbreaking AI model by Google DeepMind and Isomorphic Labs, accurately predicts the structure and interactions of proteins, DNA, RNA, and more. This free tool, available through the AlphaFold Server, aims to revolutionize biology and drug discovery by providing unprecedented insight into life's molecular processes.

Ex-DeepMind and Meta AI Researcher Raises Nearly $50 Million To Help Developers With LLMs’ Secret Sauce

DatologyAI, founded by ex-DeepMind and Meta researcher Ari Morcos with Bogdan Gaza and Matthew Leavitt, has raised nearly $50 million to help developers curate training datasets for LLMs. Their goal is to improve model quality by refining data, which remains a "secret sauce" for AI companies.

SoftBank Is Said in Talks to Buy Troubled AI Chip Firm Graphcore

SoftBank Group is in advanced talks to acquire Graphcore Ltd., a struggling British semiconductor startup once valued at $2.8 billion. Negotiations have progressed over several months, though no final agreement has been reached yet, and the deal terms are still undecided.

Biden touts new $3.3 billion Microsoft data center at failed Foxconn site Trump backed

Microsoft is investing over $3.3 billion in a new AI-focused data center and training programs in Wisconsin. President Biden praised the initiative, which aims to boost AI infrastructure and job training. The investment is part of Microsoft's global push to expand AI capabilities and foster economic growth.

OpenAI Is Readying a Search Product to Rival Google, Perplexity

OpenAI is developing a search feature for ChatGPT that will directly compete with Google's search and Perplexity. This new capability will allow users to receive answers sourced from the web, complete with citations. Additionally, relevant images and diagrams will be provided to enhance understanding of complex tasks.

Introducing the Model Spec

OpenAI introduces the Model Spec, a guide outlining desired behavior for their AI models. It aims to enhance transparency in shaping model behavior, focusing on principles like assisting users, respecting laws, and benefiting humanity. This draft invites public feedback to refine rules, defaults, and objectives for future model development.

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