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ChatGPT Enterprise - OpenAI launches the next BIG thing

Streamline your business communications with unparalleled speed and assurance—now in a fully customizable platform designed for enterprises


ChatGPT Enterprise - OpenAI launches the next BIG thing

OpenAI just dropped a beefed-up version of ChatGPT for businesses. They're calling it ChatGPT Enterprise. It's like the turbo-charged big brother of the regular ChatGPT. Companies get to chat super fast with GPT-4 and they don’t have to worry about any privacy or security mishaps.

Companies can get faster data insights, and they can toss trickier questions at ChatGPT. They can also customize it down the line. OpenAI even teased that smaller teams might get a special price tag soon.

Yahoo Mail introduces new AI-powered capabilities, including a ‘Shopping Saver’ tool

Yahoo's giving its Mail a fresh spin with some fancy AI tools to help folks save some cash and time. One cool new thing is the 'Shopping Saver' tool. It digs up any forgotten gift cards or store discounts you might have, and even helps you shoot a message to stores to use those savings. Fun fact: Almost half the adults in the US have an untouched gift card or store credit. That adds up to a whopping $23 billion! Yahoo hopes their tool will help people pocket some of that cash.

On top of that, Yahoo Mail's getting smarter. The search bar can now answer questions like, “how much did I spend on groceries last week?” Also, the tool that helps you draft replies? It's gotten an upgrade. Before, it could only help you sound professional or laid-back. Now, you can choose if you want to sound urgent, thankful, or sorry.

These fancy tools were made using some tech from Google Cloud. They've been tested with iPhone users, and now they're rolling them out for folks using web browsers. No word yet on when everyone can get their hands on them.

DoorDash launches AI-powered voice ordering technology for restaurants

DoorDash is rolling out a new voice tech that lets restaurants take all incoming calls, boosting their sales. The 411? While 1 in 5 peeps dig ordering grub over the phone, half those calls go unanswered, meaning restaurants miss out on some serious dough.

DoorDash's fix? A mix of AI and real folks on the line to pick up quick, even during the dinner rush. Plus, this ain't just a one-language show—customers can order in multiple tongues, and regulars can grab their go-to eats in a snap.

If restaurants are down to send out those phone orders, DoorDash Drive’s got them covered for delivery. So, no more ghosting hungry callers and more cha-ching for the eateries.

Google’s AI-powered note-taking app is the messy beginning of something great

Google's cooking up something cool with their new app, NotebookLM. Ever thought about chatting with your notes? Yeah, that's what this is about. Companies like Dropbox and Notion are also jumping on this AI note-taking train. Google’s take on it, NotebookLM, was first called Project Tailwind. It's super new and might eventually get blended into Google Docs or Drive.

To use it, you start a new project, add some sources (like Google Docs), and the app makes a handy "Source Guide" to help you get the gist of the doc. The big deal? You can chat with the app about your notes. Ask it questions, and it'll dive deep into the info you provided to answer.

Poe’s new desktop app lets you use all the AI chatbots in one place

Poe's out with a fresh desktop app that rolls all those AI chatbots into one spot – think of it as a one-stop-shop for bot chats. Made by Quora, this new platform's just dropped some cool new features. Now, you can chat with multiple bots at once, and even tap into Meta's Llama 2 model.

Poe's got big dreams – it wants to be like the main street for all AI chatbots. Heck, its boss, Adam D'Angelo, believes we're headed towards a world where pretty much every company's got its own bot. For folks who are all in, you can get unlimited access to every bot on Poe for about 20 bucks a month or 200 a year.

And for the tech heads, the new Mac app's got that familiar vibe, just like the web and mobile versions. You can even play around with bot replies – make 'em more unpredictable or play it safe. They're also hinting at a business plan in the works, but for now, it's hush-hush. If you're itching to be first in line, there's a waitlist you can join.

Uber Eats’ New AI Chatbot Will Offer Recommendations to Customers

Looks like Uber Eats is cooking up something new. They're working on a chatbot that'll suggest food dishes when you're not sure what to order. Some code sleuths found hints about this bot in the Uber Eats app.

This ain't the first time Uber's played with AI. They use it to match drivers and customers. And guess what? They're not the only ones in the game. DoorDash and Instacart are also dabbling in AI to make getting your grub even smoother. No word yet on when we can actually use this chatbot. Uber's keeping their lips zipped for now.

AI Startup Intenseye Raising Funding From Lightspeed At $300 Million Valuation

Intenseye, an AI company that spots safety issues in workplace videos, is about to get a big money boost. They're raising funds and their worth is expected to triple, hitting around $300 million. The folks over at Lightspeed Venture Partners are leading this money train.

Big brands like Coca-Cola are using their services. They had raised $25 million before, and back then, they were worth just under $100 million. They've trained their tech on a mountain of images and they make sure to keep people's identities safe by blurring faces.

This year, companies like Intenseye are getting over $32 billion in funds. Lightspeed is really diving deep into the AI scene. They recently invested in some other AI companies, big and small. And it looks like they make decisions pretty quickly when they see something they like.

AI Turns Brain Waves into Spoken Words

Researchers hit a home run by turning brain signals into real, audible words. Here's how they did it: they put some brain implants into folks with epilepsy and paired that with some AI magic. The result? They could figure out what these people said just by looking at their brain activity, with up to 100% accuracy.

This isn't just cool science – it could be a game-changer for people who can't move or talk. The team wants to help them "speak" again by reading their brain signals.

Right now, the tech is best at figuring out single words. But the dream is to get it to decode whole sentences or even paragraphs straight from brain activity. We're not there yet, and it'll take more work, bigger data, and smarter AI, but things look promising.

Groundbreaking AI-Method Finds a Way to People’s Hearts

Scientists at Osaka Metropolitan University cooked up a smart AI that can spot heart issues using regular chest X-rays. Usually, finding these problems needs a special kind of heart scan, but not many folks are trained to do it.

The beauty of this AI is that chest X-rays are way more common, faster, and easier to get. Dr. Ueda and his gang trained their AI using tons of X-rays and heart scans from multiple hospitals, making sure it wasn't just getting info from one place.

And guess what? This smart cookie of an AI was pretty darn accurate. It could be a game changer, especially in spots without a lot of heart specialists or in emergency situations at night.

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