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  • OpenAI announces FINETUNING 👀 for ChatGPT

OpenAI announces FINETUNING 👀 for ChatGPT

Discover the mechanisms behind fine-tuning, its potential to enhance specific tasks, and how it can redefine AI experiences


OpenAI announces FINETUNING 👀 for ChatGPT

OpenAI's letting folks tweak their GPT 3.5 model and GPT-4 will be up for tweaking soon too. When tweaked right, GPT 3.5 can go toe-to-toe with the basic GPT-4 on specific tasks.

Now, "fine-tuning" is like tweaking a movie character's skills. Imagine focusing a character to be super good at one thing but maybe not so hot at other things. It's making the model ace at certain tasks like powering a game character or answering customer questions about a product.

Meta’s “massively multilingual” AI model translates up to 100 languages, speech or text

Meta's got a new AI tool named SeamlessM4T that can translate both speech and text in up to 100 languages. Think of it like a souped-up Google Translate that also handles audio. They're giving developers the green light to play with it, hoping to push the translation game even further.

The idea? Making it easier for folks from all around the world to chat with each other. Meta's inspiration? The Babel Fish from "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy" that translates any language when you stick it in your ear. Though other companies like Google have been in the translation biz for a while, Meta's taking it up a notch with this new tech, focusing on improving audio translations. For those into the nitty-gritty, the tech details are up on Meta's site.

Microsoft’s AI-powered design tool is now widely available in Edge

Hey, Edge users! You can now jazz up your designs straight from the browser's sidebar, thanks to Microsoft's AI-design tool, Microsoft Designer. Launched last year and built right into Edge, it's a one-stop-shop for making stuff like social media posts, invites, and more. Just type what you want, and voilà, the AI suggests designs! Wanna change the pic or font? Easy peasy.

Plus, there's this cool DALL-E feature to make pictures from text. While this isn't totally new (Microsoft's got a standalone version on the web), having it in Edge means fewer window-hops when sharing on Facebook or email. Looks like they're trying to keep up with rivals like Canva. If you wanna try it, just update Edge and hit that "plus" icon on the right. Oh, and there's some new chatbot stuff in Bing Chat, too!

VMware and NVIDIA Unlock Generative AI for Enterprises

VMware and NVIDIA are teaming up to prepare businesses for the next big thing in tech: generative AI. Their new joint project, VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA, will help companies make and use AI tools like chatbots and advanced searches. In simple terms, this partnership means companies can create AI models tailored to their needs, all while keeping their data secure and private.

The platform also features NVIDIA NeMo, which is like a one-stop-shop for businesses to make and use AI models. It’s going to make adopting AI easier and cheaper. Plus, with NeMo, companies can use their own data to make custom AI models that run on VMware’s system.

IBM taps AI to translate COBOL code to Java

COBOL's been kickin' since 1959 and, believe it or not, there are about 800 billion lines of it still working today. But updating COBOL ain't cheap or easy. Think about it: the Commonwealth Bank of Australia dropped $700 million and took 5 years just to replace their COBOL stuff back in 2012.

Enter IBM with a new trick up its sleeve. They've rolled out this thing called Code Assistant for IBM Z. The cool part? It's an AI-powered gadget that can turn old COBOL code into Java. So, instead of hiring a rare and costly COBOL wizard, businesses can use this tool to freshen up their tech.

Why's IBM doing all this? Well, a ton of their clients still use COBOL, especially banks and government folks. And IBM's also got its eyes on the bigger AI coding pie, trying to outdo rivals like GitHub and Amazon in the game.

ElevenLab's AI voice-generating technology is expanding to 30 languages

ElevenLabs, the startup known for its AI voice-making magic, just stepped up its game. After being in test mode since January, it's now rolling out a new feature that can crank out speech in 30 different languages. And here's the kicker: no matter the language, the voice's style and accent stay the same. So, it sounds real and not like a robot that got lost in translation.

This is huge for folks like indie writers who want to make audiobooks or gamers who need their game to speak multiple languages. ElevenLabs CEO, Mati Staniszewski, says it's all about making content available to everyone, no matter the language. Some of the languages? Think Korean, Dutch, Greek, English, and even Tamil. This AI voice thing? It's the real deal.

Microsoft Paint could soon get AI-enhanced features on Windows 11

Microsoft Paint might get a little brainier on Windows 11. Word on the street is, they're thinking about adding some fancy AI features to the app. Imagine typing up a description and BOOM, Paint whips up a picture for you! It’s like those mad-libs games, but for drawings.

They got this idea from Bing's Image Creator, which kinda does the same thing. There's even a "Magic Paint" button in the works where you type in what you're thinking, and it pops out an image. Plus, Microsoft isn't stopping at Paint – they’re also eyeballing some AI magic for their Photos app, the Camera, and the Snipping Tool.

Solar AI wants to make solar power more accessible in Southeast Asia

Solar power is catching on worldwide, but in places like Singapore, the steep price tag makes many folks wary. Bolong Chew's startup, Solar AI Technologies, is shaking things up with a rent-to-own scheme. Here's the lowdown: You can kick off with no big bucks upfront, and the monthly fees might be cheaper than your regular electric bill. Plus, if your solar setup produces extra juice, the grid buys it off you. Sweet deal, right?

This isn't a fresh concept in the U.S. or Europe, but it's breaking new ground in Singapore. Traditional energy bigwigs weren't so hot on the idea, thinking it wasn't a money-smart move for smaller setups. But Solar AI's secret weapon? A strong online presence. They've been schooling folks about solar on their site, making them a top hit on search engines in Southeast Asia. So, they've got a ton of eyes on them without shelling out big bucks on ads.

Meta confirms AI ‘off-switch’ incoming to Facebook, Instagram in Europe

Meta's changing stuff up on Facebook and Instagram for users in Europe. By August 25, they're gonna let users turn off AI suggestions that pick content based on your past likes and views. This is because Europe has this new Digital Services Act (DSA) rule that big online platforms need to offer a choice of feeds that aren't based on tracking users. Instead, folks can see posts in the order they were posted, or by what's popular locally.

Why? Europe's worried that these AI suggestions make it easy for people to get stuck in a "bubble" where they just see the same kinda stuff over and over. And that could lead to problems like addiction or even folks getting manipulated.

Meta's big boss for global stuff, Nick Clegg, said European users will now have options to see posts without AI getting in the mix. For instance, they can check out Stories or Reels in the order they're posted. But, don't hold your breath waiting for this feature if you're in the U.S. — it ain't coming our way.

Microsoft and Epic expand AI collaboration to accelerate generative AI’s impact in healthcare, addressing the industry’s most pressing needs

Microsoft and Epic are teaming up, and they're making big moves to supercharge healthcare with AI. You know how tech is always promising to change the world? Well, they think healthcare is where it’s at, especially with "generative AI" - basically a fancy term for AI that can generate new info or ideas. These two giants are looking to tackle some major healthcare problems, like too many burnt-out medical staff and not enough of them to go around.

They're merging Microsoft’s cloud and AI smarts with Epic’s know-how about healthcare. They want to weave AI into Epic’s electronic health records (like the digital version of your doctor's notes) to boost patient care and make the whole medical scene run smoother. Plus, they’re hoping this AI boost will help with money stuff, giving health systems a financial leg-up.

Zoom shares jump as CEO says company to develop and deploy AI tools

Zoom's stock got a nice bump Monday night. Why? They think they'll make more money this year than they first thought. They're aiming to pull in almost $4.5 billion, which is a tiny bit more (about 2%) than last year.

Eric Yuan, the big boss at Zoom, chatted with money folks and bragged about Zoom's new AI stuff. He's all about using AI to help people work better and help their own customers out. They've got this new thing called ZoomIQ that uses AI to make meeting summaries. Yuan thinks this AI jazz will make Zoom even cooler and more useful.

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