Musk's Prediction Shocks All

PLUS: WWDC 2024: Apple's AI Focus, OpenAI's GPT Store Revenue Share and more.

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  • Musk's Prediction Shocks All

  • Amazon's Massive $2.75B AI Bet

  • WWDC 2024: Apple's AI Focus

  • OpenAI's GPT Store Revenue Share

  • Databricks Unveils DBRX AI Model

  • X Premium Gets Grok Access

Elon Musk's STUNNING Prediction | Sam Altman Attempts to Harness the Power of a Thousand Suns.

AGI predictions suggest AGI surpassing human intelligence by 2029 or 2030. Energy consumption poses a significant hurdle, with AI projects like Microsoft's facing power grid limitations.

Fusion energy emerges as a potential solution, with Helion Energy raising $500 million for fusion projects. Sam Altman's involvement in Helion Energy underscores its significance. Legacy media's attacks on tech leaders like Altman reflect a struggle for relevance. 

Amazon Invests $2.75 Billion More in AI Startup Anthropic

Amazon is making its biggest venture bet yet, dropping $2.75 billion more into Anthropic, an AI startup, adding to its initial $1.25 billion check. The move reflects Amazon's push to stay ahead in the AI race against rivals like Microsoft and Google. Anthropic, known for its advanced generative AI, competes with OpenAI and ChatGPT. 

Amazon's minority stake in Anthropic signals its strategic interest in the company, which boasts a valuation of $18.4 billion. With big players like Microsoft and Google also backing Anthropic, the AI competition is heating up, signaling a transformative shift in technology.

Apple Set to Unveil AI Strategy at June 10 Developers Conference

All Colors of the iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Inc. will launch its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10, likely revealing its highly awaited artificial intelligence (AI) strategy. The event, running through June 14, promises a heavy focus on AI, according to insiders. 

Apple, known for secrecy, hasn't disclosed specifics yet. The unveiling marks a significant move in the tech giant's AI endeavors.

OpenAI is experimenting with sharing revenue with builders in its GPT Store.

OpenAI has begun trials for revenue sharing with creators in its GPT Store, fulfilling its commitment made during the store's January launch. 

The store enables the creation of custom AI assistants known as GPTs, capable of tasks like PDF summarization and furniture recommendations.

Databricks launches DBRX, challenging Big Tech in the open source AI race

Databricks launches DBRX, an open-source AI model challenging big tech. With 132 billion parameters, DBRX surpasses rivals in language understanding, programming, and math. Though not as potent as OpenAI's GPT-4, DBRX offers superior performance compared to GPT-3.5 at a lower cost. Its innovative "mixture-of-experts" architecture, with 16 sub-models dynamically selected for each token, enhances efficiency. 

DBRX aims to solidify Databricks' position in AI research and enterprise solutions, addressing security concerns by enabling custom models on private datasets. Positioned amidst rising competition, Databricks asserts its AI leadership and commitment to innovation in the evolving AI landscape.

Elon Musk says all Premium subscribers on X will gain access to AI chatbot Grok this week

Elon Musk's xAI announces that all Premium subscribers on X will gain access to the Grok AI chatbot this week. Previously exclusive to Premium+ subscribers, Grok's availability expansion aims to retain users amidst declining X platform usage. Grok offers unique features, responding to topics typically off-limits to other chatbots and accessing real-time X data. 

Musk's move may counteract user migration to alternative platforms, addressing revenue concerns amid reduced advertiser spending on X. The update underscores Musk's strategy to enhance user engagement and loyalty within the X ecosystem.


Researchers find that removing up to half the layers in large language models (LLMs) minimally impacts performance on question-answering tasks. By identifying optimal layers to prune and using efficient finetuning methods, they reduce computational resources without significant loss. This challenges current pretraining methods' effectiveness in utilizing deeper layers or highlights shallow layers' knowledge storage importance.

The new 2D Gaussian Splatting (2DGS) method improves radiance field reconstruction by accurately representing surfaces from multi-view images. Unlike 3D Gaussian methods, 2DGS provides consistent geometry and intrinsic surface modeling. It introduces perspective-accurate splatting and enhances reconstructions with depth distortion and normal consistency. The approach offers detailed geometry, fast training, and real-time rendering, with code available publicly.

The InternLM2 Technical Report introduces an open-source Large Language Model (LLM) that surpasses previous models in various evaluations and subjective assessments. It details meticulous pre-training methods, including diverse data types like text and code, achieving notable performance on long-context tasks. The model employs innovative optimization techniques, including Conditional Online Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (COOL RLHF), to address conflicting human preferences. Multiple model versions are released to facilitate community understanding of its evolution.

TC4D introduces trajectory-conditioned text-to-4D generation, enhancing dynamic 3D scene synthesis by incorporating global and local motion components. It utilizes rigid transformations along trajectories for global motion and learns local deformations supervised by text-to-video models. TC4D enables realistic scene animation along arbitrary trajectories and improves motion realism, demonstrated qualitatively and via user study.

Octree-GS introduces LOD-structured 3D Gaussians for real-time rendering, addressing bottlenecks in large scenes with complex details. By dynamically selecting appropriate levels from multi-resolution anchor points, it ensures consistent rendering performance with adaptive LOD adjustments. This approach improves rendering fidelity and efficiency compared to NeRF-based representations, particularly in scenes with varying details.


LanguageGUI - open-source design system and UI Kit for giving LLMs the flexibility of formatting text outputs into richer graphical user interfaces.

Ema - Universal AI employee that boosts productivity across every role in your organization.

TinyAlbert - AI Marketing manager that helps you grow your Shopify store 10x faster with almost zero time investment from you.

Qualia - Generate AI images as easy as using Google.

Octolane - Rebuilding Salesforce with all the power of AI



Google adds ratings to go with its new AI tools for shoppers

Google introduces Style Recommendations, allowing users to rate items in searches, akin to Tinder or Netflix. Users can specify preferred brands for tailored results. Previously tested AI features like image generation and virtual try-on are now live, enhancing the shopping experience. However, AI tools can still yield questionable results. THE VERGE

Samsung Releases New Feature Boost To Millions Of Galaxy Phones

Samsung is rolling out new AI features to select Galaxy devices, including Live Translate and generative image editing, with the One UI 6.1 update. The move aims to enhance user experience and may pave the way for potential subscription-based AI services in the future. The update is currently reaching Galaxy S23 owners globally. FORBES

OpenVoice creator MyShell gets $11M to build out crypto-AI platform

MyShell secures $11 million in funding to expand its crypto-AI platform, allowing users to create text-based chatbots and "AI girlfriends." The platform, which integrates with OpenAI's GPT-3.5/4, issues its own blockchain-based cryptocurrencies for incentivizing creators and engaging users. Plans include revenue generation through subscriptions and promoting chatbots, despite concerns over promoting AI girlfriends. VENTUREBEAT

Airtable brings AI summarization to paying users

Airtable introduces AI summarization for paid users, enhancing productivity by categorizing and translating data. This move reflects a trend in AI integration for workplace efficiency, aligning with competitors like Microsoft and Google. Airtable's AI features, available through paid subscription, aim to streamline workflow and facilitate team collaboration, with a free trial option. THE VERGE

Observe raises $115M from Sutter Hill, Snowflake Ventures to supercharge data cloud observability 

Observe, a San Mateo-based startup, secures $115 million in Series B funding led by Sutter Hill Ventures and Snowflake Ventures. The investment aims to enhance data cloud observability, leveraging Snowflake's infrastructure. Observe's centralized data lake approach simplifies troubleshooting for complex enterprise tech stacks, offering faster incident resolution and cost savings. Snowflake plans to integrate Observe's capabilities to improve monitoring of data cloud environments. VENTUREBEAT

Adobe’s new AI tool can turn anyone into an infographics wiz

Adobe unveils Project Infograph It, an AI-powered tool simplifying infographic creation from raw data and prompts. It democratizes infographic design, eliminating the need for specialized skills. The tool, showcased at Adobe's Sneaks event, generates customizable infographics swiftly, potentially revolutionizing data visualization. Sneak previews often influence Adobe's product development. FAST COMPANY

Robotic face makes eye contact, uses AI to anticipate and replicate a person's smile before it occurs

Columbia Engineering's Creative Machines Lab unveils Emo, a human-like robot with AI that predicts and mirrors facial expressions in real time, fostering genuine interaction. Equipped with 26 actuators and high-resolution cameras for eye contact, Emo learns expressions through self-modeling, revolutionizing human-robot interaction and paving the way for future integration. TECHXPLORE

New AI benchmark tests speed of responses to user queries

MLCommons releases new AI benchmarks measuring response speed of top-tier hardware in running AI applications. Two new benchmarks gauge AI chips' ability to generate responses from data-packed models, similar to ChatGPT's responsiveness. Nvidia-powered servers dominate, focusing on performance and energy efficiency. Intel also presents competitive designs. REUTERS

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