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  • Sam Altman, IMMORTALITY, the 80/20 Rule and Also MidJourney V6 is absolutely INSANE!

Sam Altman, IMMORTALITY, the 80/20 Rule and Also MidJourney V6 is absolutely INSANE!

Journey through the evolving landscape of AI-generated art with Mid Journey V6, alongside Sam Altman's valuable life lessons and strategies for personal and professional growth in the modern world.


Sam Altman, IMMORTALITY, the 80/20 Rule and Also MidJourney V6 is absolutely INSANE!

Sam Altman, the head at OpenAI, recently blogged about winning at life and the possibility of living forever. He shares some thoughts on life, like the power of optimism, obsession, and personal connections. He emphasizes the importance of long-term thinking and setting smart incentives. 

Mid Journey V6, an AI art software that's top-notch, got this cool feature where it makes paint look 3D, like it's popping off the canvas. Also, Mid Journey V6 is crushing it in creating realistic yet artsy images, like Renaissance sketches and stuff.

Apple quietly released an open source multimodal LLM in October

In October 2023, Apple and Columbia University quietly dropped Ferret, an open source multimodal Large Language Model (LLM). It was for research, not business. Now, it's catching eyes. Why? Big talk about local LLMs running on gadgets like iPhones.

Apple just shared two cool papers on 3D avatars and smarter language models for devices. Everyone's now buzzing about Apple joining the open AI club - a big deal since they're usually super private. This shift shows Apple's aiming to be a big player in AI, without relying on giants like Microsoft or Google.

Meanwhile, big AI names like Anthropic and OpenAI are chasing huge funding, making the AI world even more heated.

Apple reportedly wants to use the news to help train its AI models

Apple's diving into AI big time, aiming to boost its smarts by feeding it a ton of news. They're chatting with major news players like Condé Nast and NBC News, eyeing deals worth a cool $50 mil to tap into their news vaults. Some publishers are wary, worried about legal issues if Apple messes up using their content. Meanwhile, Apple's playing it coy about exactly what they'll do with all that news.

While rivals like OpenAI and Google are already big in the AI game, Apple's hustling to catch up, splurging millions daily on AI tech. They're jazzing up Siri and baking AI into the next iOS update. It's not just Apple, though – OpenAI and Google are already cozying up with news giants for their AI projects.

AI is giving Santa a boost this holiday season

This holiday season, AI is ramping up in the US retail sector, making a splash in various unseen ways. Salesforce estimates AI will influence a whopping $194 billion in global online holiday spending. While AI's presence is mainly behind-the-scenes, like recommending products or optimizing inventory, it's not quite ready for more direct consumer interaction. Retail giants like Walmart and Target are using AI to predict demand and manage stock efficiently. 

Despite concerns about job cuts, CEOs argue AI can free up employee time for customer interaction. Additionally, AI's potential in personal shopping and product innovation is evident, although it's still early days. Features like virtual try-ons and customized gift suggestions are emerging, but they're more about marketing buzz than revolutionizing shopping just yet. 

Lastly, AI-integrated products like smartphones and high-tech glasses are hitting the shelves, but their impact on holiday sales might be limited due to the current economic climate.

How research managers are using AI to get ahead

Mads Lykke Berggreen, a Danish research adviser, felt threatened by AI tools like ChatGPT, which can write research proposals faster and potentially better than humans. To stay relevant, he now uses ChatGPT for initial drafts, shortening days-long tasks to hours. 

Globally, research managers like Yolanda Davids in South Africa and Kelly Basinger in Texas are also leveraging AI for tasks such as drafting letters and enhancing readability. AI's integration in research management is growing, with applications ranging from writing assistance to developing automated workflows. 

Despite concerns about AI replacing certain tasks, professionals like Berggreen see AI as a tool for efficiency, allowing more focus on aspects like coaching researchers, which machines can't replicate.

Man versus machine: AI beats human in mental and physical game for the first time

AI's new win is a game-changer: a robot aced a tough maze game, showing off both smarts and physical skills for the first time. Named CyberRunner, this whiz from ETH Zurich in Switzerland, beat humans in steering a marble through a twisty maze, avoiding pitfalls. 

Learning from errors and even trying sneaky moves, the bot wrapped up the game in six hours, faster than any human could. It's not just about winning - the bot's using a smart learning method to improve its motor skills and strategy game by game. 

The best part? The team's sharing their tech, making high-level AI research a bargain at under $200, open for anyone to try. This isn't just a win for the bot; it's a giant leap for AI, showcasing real-world learning and problem-solving skills.

AI Machine Cannot Be Called An Inventor, Rules UK Court

The UK Supreme Court decided that AI machines, like robots and computers, can't be called inventors. This big decision came after a long legal fight since 2018. They said only real people, not machines, can create new stuff and get credit for it. 

The case was about a smart machine named Dabus, made by AI expert Stephen Thaler. Dabus created some cool things, but the court said it's not a person, so it can't be called an inventor. In the U.S., they already said the same thing, but in South Africa and Australia, they're more open to calling AI an inventor.

Why Bill Gates Says AI Will Supercharge Medical Innovations

Bill Gates predicts AI will majorly boost healthcare in 2024. Celebrating the birth of his first grandchild in 2023, the year AI hit the big time, he's jazzed about how it can reduce world inequalities. Gates sees AI as a game-changer in global health, his foundation's focus area. 

2023 was a banner year for generative AI, with ChatGPT leading the charge. Despite privacy and misinformation concerns, Gates is optimistic about AI's mainstream adoption soon. AI's potential shines in fighting antibiotic resistance, aiding high-risk pregnancies, assessing HIV risk, and streamlining medical records. 

Gates also hails AI's role in education and remains passionate about climate action and nuclear energy. Despite his enthusiasm, he admits adapting to AI is tough, even for him.

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