Limitless Wearable AI Pendant

PLUS: Intel Unveils Hala Point, Stability AI Next-Gen Image Generator and more.


  • Wearable AI: Limitless Pendant 

  • Jeff Bezos Funds AI Climate Solutions

  • Andreessen Secures $7.2B for AI Startups

  • Google AI Joins Military for Disasters

  • Mistral AI Eyes $5B Valuation Boost

  • Intel Unveils Hala Point

  • Stability AI Next-Gen Image Generator

  • Brave Launches AI for Private Searching

Limitless Pendant AI | MKBHD Tears Apart Humane Pin | Rabbit's Jesse Lyu Pits R1 against Humane Pin

This year, wearable AI tech is emerging as a major trend, but it's receiving mixed responses. The new "Limitless pendant," a combination of web, Mac, Windows apps, and a wearable device, aims to enhance human intelligence by aiding memory and focus. It assists users in managing daily cognitive loads by automating tasks like note-taking, allowing them to concentrate fully during interactions. 

Privacy concerns are addressed with options for on-device data storage or a private cloud. Despite initial skepticism, such innovations could lead to advanced personal AI tools that actively support our daily activities and decisions.

Jeff Bezos' Earth Fund is giving out $100 million for AI solutions to tackle climate change

Jeff Bezos’ Earth Fund is doling out $100 million for AI ideas battling climate change. The initiative seeks proposals on how AI can combat environmental issues and foster collaboration between eco-advocates and techies. Bezos aims to harness AI's potential in addressing climate crises, starting with sustainable proteins, biodiversity, and power grids. The fund targets innovators for solutions, offering seed grants and mentorship. 

Previously, Bezos allocated $791 million to climate causes, raising eyebrows over Amazon's carbon footprint and favoritism towards well-established groups. Nonetheless, the challenge invites visionary ideas to tackle the planet's pressing challenges collaboratively.

Andreessen Horowitz Raises $7.2 Billion as VCs Focus on AI

Andreessen Horowitz secures $7.2 billion for tech ventures, particularly in AI. With AI gaining prominence in both investments and decision-making, the fund allocates funds for growth-stage startups, AI infrastructure, and AI applications. The move signifies a surge in AI investment since the rise of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

AI not only attracts funds but also serves as a vital tool for informed investment decisions. By leveraging AI, venture capital firms enhance efficiency, analyze market trends, and identify promising opportunities, revolutionizing startup funding dynamics. Meanwhile, despite fluctuations, the FinTech sector anticipates a revival in funding and IPO activities, buoyed by AI-focused ventures and increased M&A activity.

Google will provide AI to the military for disaster response

Google in Sunnyvale, CA, at West Java Drive.

Google is teaming up with the National Guard to enhance disaster response using AI. Through its innovation lab, Bellwether, Google developed technology that swiftly analyzes images of disaster areas, helping identify damaged locations and prioritize rescue efforts. This collaboration showcases Silicon Valley's increasing involvement with the military, addressing gaps in technology utilization. 

Despite previous hesitations, Google's renewed engagement in military projects reflects a growing trend of tech firms contributing to national defense. While controversy surrounds tech-military partnerships, this initiative aims solely at domestic disaster response, highlighting AI's role in efficient crisis management.

Mistral, an OpenAI Rival in Europe, in Talks to Raise Capital at a $5 Billion Valuation

Mistral AI, a Paris startup in the AI game, aims to pocket a hefty sum, eyeing $5 billion in valuation with a potential funding round. Having recently dipped its toes in revenue, Mistral previously snagged $415 million at a $2 billion valuation. The move mirrors investors' hunger for AI gems, as these ventures vie with giants like Google and OpenAI. 

While it's unclear which backers Mistral is wooing, its current supporters include heavyweights like Andreessen Horowitz and Microsoft. This strategic move underscores the escalating stakes in the AI arena, where startups scramble for financial firepower to stay afloat amidst fierce competition.

Intel unveils Hala Point, its second-generation neuromorphic computing system

Intel introduced Hala Point, a new neuromorphic computing system powered by 1,152 Loihi 2 processors. It's tailored for researching brain-inspired AI and enhancing current AI sustainability. Not for commercial sale, Hala Point is a research tool deployed at Sandia National Laboratories. Mike Davies from Intel Labs emphasizes the system's efficiency and performance, capable of executing 30 quadrillion operations per second. 

With 1.15 billion neurons and 128 billion synapses, it's a significant leap from its predecessor, Pohoiki Springs. While not publicly available, it's expected to revolutionize brain-based computing and tackle large-scale challenges in various fields, offering energy-efficient optimization solutions.

Stability AI is giving more developers access to its next-gen text-to-image generator

Stability AI is rolling out its latest text-to-image model, Stable Diffusion 3, via API and a new content creation platform, despite still being in preview. The company emphasizes its model's prowess in typography and prompt adherence, claiming superiority over competitors like OpenAI's DALL-E 3. Using the Multimodal Diffusion Transformer architecture, the model aims to enhance text comprehension and spelling. 

Additionally, Stability AI introduces Stable Assistant Beta, a subscription-based platform offering access to the latest models for image generation and content creation through conversational interaction. While these tools are not yet available to the public, Stability AI aims to collaborate with its community to refine them, emphasizing measures to prevent misuse.

Brave launches a real-time privacy-focused AI answer engine

Brave, the privacy-focused browser, is revolutionizing search with a real-time answer engine powered by AI. Unlike Google and Microsoft, Brave prioritizes privacy, building its Answer with AI feature without relying on their search engines. Available for free in multiple languages, Brave's AI caters to various user intents, from navigational to transactional queries. It delivers answers in diverse formats, including text, cards, and images, akin to Google's results. 

Despite AI's impact on search traffic, Brave aims to be a publisher-friendly partner, attributing sources in its synthesized answers. With previous AI integrations like Leo and Summarizer, Brave's move emphasizes its commitment to innovation and privacy in the search realm.


Recent advancements in music generation models aim to create lengthy, coherent tracks. By training a model on extensive temporal data, researchers achieve up to 4m45s of continuous music. Their approach, a diffusion-transformer on a heavily downsampled latent representation, yields top-notch audio quality and alignment, confirmed through subjective tests.

The SIMA project aims to develop versatile AI agents capable of executing diverse tasks in any 3D environment based on natural language instructions. Their approach, focusing on language-grounded generality with minimal assumptions, enables agents to interact seamlessly across various complex environments using image observations and language commands. Initial results show promising progress in both research and commercial gaming settings.

Ctrl-Adapter offers an efficient solution for integrating diverse controls into image and video diffusion models. Overcoming challenges of feature space mismatch and temporal consistency, it adapts pretrained ControlNets to various backbones, enhancing adaptability to new conditions. With temporal and spatial modules, it achieves state-of-the-art video control accuracy at lower computational costs.

HQ-Edit presents a top-tier dataset for instruction-based image editing, comprising 200,000 high-quality edits. Unlike prior methods, it employs GPT-4V and DALL-E 3 for scalable data collection, ensuring rich detail and alignment precision through post-processing. Evaluation metrics like Alignment and Coherence quantify edit pair quality, empowering models like InstructPix2Pix to achieve state-of-the-art performance.

"Tango 2" enhances text-to-audio generation by addressing concept presence and temporal ordering. Leveraging diffusion-DPO loss on a preference dataset, it fine-tunes Tango, yielding superior audio outputs. This approach, focusing on audio concept alignment, enhances performance over existing models like AudioLDM2.


UI Bakery - Generate web apps with AI

Fix Blur - Elevate your blurry photos, especially faces, to crystal clarity

Artisse - Achieve stunning photos in minutes

Humanlinker - AI sales assistant that helps revenue generation teams skyrocket past quotas with personalized prospecting and efficient meeting preparation

Beam - Better Decisions, Lower Risk, with Multi-Model AI Reasoning



Watch out, Boston Dynamics! Mentee Robotics unveils ‘AI-first’ robot

Israel's Mentee Robotics reveals its AI-driven humanoid, Menteebot, designed for household and warehouse tasks. Unlike rivals adapting AI into existing robots, Mentee prioritizes AI from inception. Menteebot integrates AI across its operations, enabling natural language understanding and real-time environment mapping for complex tasks. Production-ready by Q1 2025, competing with Tesla, OpenAI, and Boston Dynamics. VENTUREBEAT

Snap plans to add watermarks to images created with its AI-powered tools

Snap plans to watermark AI-generated images with its logo and a sparkle emoji, aiming to denote images created using its AI tools. Users exporting or saving such images will see the watermark, and removing it violates Snap's terms. Snap joins other tech giants like Microsoft and Meta in labeling AI-generated content for transparency. TECHCRUNCH

Logitech announces AI Prompt Builder software with matching mouse

Logitech introduces Logi AI Prompt Builder, integrating ChatGPT into its Options+ app for seamless AI access. The Signature AI Edition Mouse accompanies, featuring a dedicated AI button for prompt generation. Users can customize prompts and responses, enhancing workflow. Delphine Donné emphasizes Logitech's commitment to AI innovation. VENTUREBEAT

Tesla’s Strategy Shifts Are Just Following Musk’s Whims

Elon Musk's Tesla hints at a "next generation low-cost vehicle" to boost sales growth. Musk teased its imminent unveiling on the last earnings call, positioning it as fulfilling his original vision for affordable electric vehicles. The vehicle, often dubbed the Model 2, is expected to leverage Tesla's manufacturing technology in a revolutionary factory. BLOOMBERG

Former OpenAI Board Member Calls for Audits of Top AI Companies

Former OpenAI board member Helen Toner advocates for transparency from leading AI companies, urging them to share information about their technology's capabilities and risks with the public. She calls for the establishment of "AI auditors" to ensure accountability. Toner suggests implementing incident reporting mechanisms akin to those in aviation for AI-related mishaps. BLOOMBERG

Microsoft’s AI Copilot Is Starting to Automate the Coding Industry

Microsoft's GitHub Copilot, an AI coding assistant, is reshaping software development by saving engineers time. With 1.3 million users, it swiftly completes code lines with minimal prompts. Its simplicity and efficiency, triggered by a keystroke, mark a significant leap in coding technology, enhancing GitHub's edge against rivals like Amazon and Google. BLOOMBERG

Meet The AI Entrepreneur Who Used LinkedIn To Raise $13.8 Million

Benjamin Harvey, CEO of AI Squared, secured $13.8 million in Series A funding, led by Ansa Capital and including former TIAA CEO Roger Ferguson. Harvey's LinkedIn pitch led to a breakfast meeting and investment. AI Squared, likened to a washing machine for AI, extracts data to calculate real-time business outcomes, targeting a $10 million revenue in 2024. FORBES

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