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  • How to Use Midjourney: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Use Midjourney: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Use Midjourney: A Comprehensive Guide

Midjourney is an AI-powered tool that generates images from text prompts. It's a fantastic tool for artists, designers, and anyone interested in exploring the intersection of AI and creativity. This guide will walk you through the process of using Midjourney, from setting up your account to generating your first AI art.

Setting Up Your Midjourney Account

Before you can start using Midjourney, you'll need to set up an account. Here's how to do it:

1. **Create a Discord Account**

Midjourney operates through Discord, a popular chat app. If you don't already have a Discord account, you'll need to create one. You can do this by visiting the Discord website and following the prompts to create a new account.

2. **Join the Midjourney Server**

Once you have a Discord account, you can join the Midjourney server. To do this, open Discord and locate the server list on the left-hand sidebar. Press the '+' button at the bottom of the server list. In the pop-up window, click the 'Join a Server' button.

Paste or type the following URL: http://discord.gg/midjourney and press 'Join'.

3. **Subscribe to a Midjourney Plan**

To start generating images with Midjourney, you'll need to subscribe to a plan.

Visit Midjourney.com/account and sign in with your Discord account.

Midjourney offers four subscription tiers: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Mega.

Each plan includes access to the Midjourney member gallery, the official Discord, general commercial usage terms, and more.

Generating Your First AI Art

Once you've set up your account and subscribed to a plan, you're ready to start generating images. Here's how:

1. **Go to a #General or #Newbie Channel**

After joining the Midjourney server on Discord, you'll see several channels listed in the sidebar.

Go to any #General or #Newbie channel.

2. **Type /imagine followed by Your Prompt**

To generate an image, type /imagine followed by your prompt. For example, if you wanted to generate an image of a sunset over a mountain range, you would type "/imagine a sunset over a mountain range.

3. **Be Specific with Your Prompts**

The more specific and detailed you can be with your prompt, the better the results.

Use strong and evocative words, specific quantities and references, and generally just write down what you want to see.

4. **Explore Different Settings and Options**

Midjourney has lots of different settings and options.

The /settings command is a handy shortcut that lets you set some default values for some of the big ones.

Tips for Using Midjourney

Here are some additional tips to help you get the most out of Midjourney:

- **Use Simple and Common Words**

When writing your prompts, use simple and common words like king, queen, knight, wizard, dragon.

- **Check Out What Others Are Making**

Since it's mostly all public, you'll have plenty to work with, and the Discord server can be pretty inspiring.

- **Experiment with Different Prompts**

Don't be afraid to experiment with different prompts. The more you use Midjourney, the better you'll get at writing effective prompts.

- **Use the –ar Tag to Specify Image Size**

By adding the –ar tag at the end of your prompt, you can tell Midjourney which image size your outputs should appear in.


Midjourney is a powerful tool that makes creative artworks accessible to all with a few simple descriptive keywords. By following this guide, you should now have a good understanding of how to use Midjourney to generate your own AI art. Happy creating!


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