GPT-4o Launch

PLUS: US-China AI Talks Begin, UAE Launches Falcon 2 and more.


  • GPT-4o Launch

  • Microsoft's €4B AI Boost France

  • iOS 18 to Feature ChatGPT

  • US-China AI Talks Begin

  • UAE Launches Falcon 2

  • SoftBank Invests $5B in AI

  • NASA Appoints First AI Chief

Introducing GPT-4o and more tools to ChatGPT free users

OpenAI is introducing GPT-4o, a faster and more capable AI model. GPT-4o enhances text, voice, and image interactions, allowing features like translating menus and discussing live sports rules. Initially, GPT-4o is available to ChatGPT Plus and Team users, with Enterprise access coming soon. Free users will have access with usage limits. 

A new ChatGPT desktop app for macOS is also launching, allowing seamless integration and voice conversations. The app will expand to Windows later this year. ChatGPT is also getting a new, friendlier interface to improve user experience. Sign up or log in at to access these features.

Microsoft announces the largest investment to date in France to accelerate the adoption of AI, skilling and innovation

Microsoft will invest €4 billion in France to boost AI and cloud infrastructure, aiming to train 1 million people and support 2,500 startups by 2027. This investment will expand datacenters, promote renewable energy, and enhance AI accessibility. 

Microsoft will also launch training programs for job seekers and professionals, partnering with educational institutions and tech companies. The initiative includes the Microsoft GenAI Studio, designed to accelerate AI startups. This effort aligns with France’s National Strategy for AI, aiming to position France as a leader in AI development while supporting sustainable and inclusive growth.

Apple Nears Deal With OpenAI to Put ChatGPT on iPhone

Apple is nearing a deal with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into its iPhone, aiming to enhance AI features in its devices. This collaboration is set to be part of iOS 18, the next iPhone operating system. Apple has also been in talks with Google to use its Gemini chatbot, though no agreement has been reached yet. 

These efforts are part of Apple's broader strategy to introduce advanced AI capabilities, with a significant announcement expected at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2024.

US and China to hold first talks to reduce risk of AI ‘miscalculation’

The US and China are set to hold their first high-level talks on artificial intelligence (AI) in an effort to reduce the risk of 'miscalculation' and foster cooperation in the field. The discussions, which will take place virtually, will focus on areas such as AI research, development, and responsible use.

Both countries recognize the importance of AI and its potential impact on economic and national security. The talks aim to establish a foundation for future collaboration and understanding between the two superpowers.

UAE releases new AI model to compete with big tech

The UAE's Technology Innovation Institute (TII) launched Falcon 2, a new open-source AI model series, aiming to rival major tech companies. This includes Falcon 2 11B, a text-based model, and Falcon 2 11B VLM, a vision-to-language model that describes images. 

The UAE is heavily investing in AI, with TII's release reflecting a commitment to becoming a global AI leader. This move follows the UAE's divestment from Chinese tech to secure a $1.5 billion investment from Microsoft. The Falcon 2 series is part of a broader push to develop and openly share advanced AI technologies.

SoftBank Commits $5 Billion to AI After Three Years of Losses

SoftBank has committed $5 billion to artificial intelligence investments after three years of losses. The company's net asset value increased significantly due to the success of its U.K. chip-design unit, Arm, and the rising AI industry. 

SoftBank's shift to focus on AI marks a strategic change from its previous telecommunications focus and its substantial investment in Alibaba. This transition was highlighted in SoftBank’s latest quarterly briefing, emphasizing its new direction towards AI-driven growth.

NASA Names First Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

NASA has appointed David Salvagnini as its first Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Officer, expanding his role as Chief Data Officer. Salvagnini will lead NASA’s strategic vision and planning for AI, guiding responsible AI use in space and on Earth. 

This appointment aligns with President Biden's Executive Order on AI development. Salvagnini, with over 20 years in technology leadership, will collaborate with government, academic, and industry partners to keep NASA at the forefront of AI innovation. NASA uses AI for missions, data analysis, and autonomous systems, benefiting from Salvagnini’s extensive experience in IT and AI programs.

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