Google Unveils Model Explorer

PLUS: Slack Faces AI Policy Backlash, CAA Launches Digital Protection System and more.


  • Google Unveils Model Explorer

  • Slack Faces AI Policy Backlash

  • ElevenLabs Launches Audio Native

  • Tesla Eyes China for AI

  • CAA Launches Digital Protection System

  • UK Drafts AI Training Rules

  • China's AI-in-a-Box Disrupts Market

  • Meta's Free AI Strategy Unveiled

Google launches ‘Model Explorer’, an open source tool for seamless AI model visualization and debugging

Google has launched Model Explorer, an open-source tool to visualize and debug AI models. This tool helps researchers and developers understand complex AI systems by providing a clear view of their inner workings. 

Model Explorer uses advanced graphics rendering to handle large models smoothly, offering both a user-friendly interface and a Python API for integration into machine learning workflows. It supports Google's "AI on the Edge" initiative, aiming to make AI more transparent and accountable, especially for low-power devices. This tool is essential for ensuring responsible AI development and deployment.

Slack under attack over sneaky AI training policy

Slack users are upset about a sneaky AI training policy where their data is used to train AI models unless they opt out by emailing the company. This policy, buried in an outdated privacy policy, was highlighted on Hacker News and went viral. 

The controversy revolves around Slack's unclear use of terms like "global models" and "AI models," and the absence of specifics about "Slack AI." Despite assurances that customer data isn't used for training Slack AI, users feel misled. The situation underscores the need for clear, transparent AI data usage policies.

ElevenLabs now lets you add voiceover narration to your website

ElevenLabs has launched Audio Native, an audio player that automatically narrates website content using its text-to-speech technology. This tool, aimed at improving accessibility and engagement, costs $11 per month at the "creator" tier and includes metrics and a listener dashboard. Users can embed it on their websites with simple HTML snippets. 

ElevenLabs also introduced the ElevenLabs Reader, which can voice text from web pages in 11 different voices. Founded in 2022, the company is expanding in the competitive AI voice cloning market, which is projected to reach $16.2 billion by 2032.

Musk pushes plan for China data to power Tesla's AI ambitions

Tesla is planning to use data from its electric vehicles in China to enhance its self-driving technology. The company is developing a data center in China and seeks approval to transfer EV data to the US. Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, is pushing this initiative to boost AI development amidst slowing EV demand and increased competition. 

Tesla has faced challenges due to US sanctions on advanced chips needed for this project. Musk's recent visit to China included discussions on data transfer and potential local partnerships. This move highlights Tesla's strategic pivot to leverage China's vast data resources for AI advancement.

Hollywood agency CAA aims to help stars manage their own AI likenesses

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has launched a digital storage system called theCAAvault to protect celebrities' digital likenesses, such as names, images, and voice recordings, from unauthorized AI usage. Partnering with AI tech company Veritone, CAA aims to address the misuse of digital assets, a growing issue in Hollywood. 

The system ensures that only authorized users can access and monetize these assets. This initiative is part of CAA's broader efforts to set consent-based standards for AI applications. TheCAAvault also aims to guarantee rightful compensation for celebrities and offers customizable access to their digital clones.

UK working on rules for training of AI models with creative work 

The UK is in the process of developing rules regarding the training of artificial intelligence (AI) models using creative works. This move comes in response to the increasing use of AI in generating content such as music, art, and literature.

The aim is to ensure that the rights of creators are protected and that AI systems are trained ethically and responsibly. The rules will likely address issues such as copyright infringement and the fair compensation of creators.

China’s ‘AI-in-a-box’ products threaten Big Tech’s cloud growth strategies

China's new "AI-in-a-box" products pose a significant threat to Big Tech's cloud growth strategies. These products allow businesses to deploy advanced AI capabilities without relying on major cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. 

This development could disrupt the market, as companies may prefer these more cost-effective and customizable solutions over expensive cloud services. The move reflects China's increasing push for technological self-sufficiency and presents a challenge to Big Tech's expansion plans in the region.

Facebook Parent’s Plan to Win AI Race: Give Its Tech Away Free

Meta Platforms, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, plans to win the AI race by offering its advanced AI technology for free. Unlike its competitors who invest heavily in AI development and keep their technology proprietary, Meta is making its cutting-edge AI tools and chatbots available to the public at no cost. 

This strategy involves significant investments in high-end chips, top computer scientists, and substantial power resources. While this approach aims to democratize AI access and drive innovation, it also carries risks, including potential misuse and the challenge of maintaining a competitive edge.

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