Google I/O 2024

PLUS: Meta's New AI Camerabuds, Claude AI Launches in Europe and more.


  • Google I/O 2024

  • Meta's New AI Camerabuds

  • Claude AI Launches in Europe

  • xAI Nears $10B Oracle Deal

  • TikTok Tests AI Search Results

Google I/O 2024

  • Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced at I/O 2024 the advancements in the Gemini AI model. The Gemini era focuses on multimodal capabilities, long context processing, and AI agents to enhance Google’s products, including Search, Photos, and Workspace.

  • Google has enhanced Search with generative AI capabilities, introducing a custom Gemini model. Key features include AI Overviews for quick answers, planning and research tools, and AI-organized search results. This allows users to ask complex questions, plan meals and trips, and search using video.

  • Google introduces Veo, an advanced video generation model, and Imagen 3, a high-quality text-to-image model. Veo creates 1080p videos with cinematic styles, while Imagen 3 produces photorealistic images. Collaborations with artists like Donald Glover and Wyclef Jean highlight these models' creative potential. Google emphasizes responsible AI deployment, including safety tests and digital watermarking with SynthID.

  • Google DeepMind has launched several updates for the Gemini family of models, including the lightweight, efficient 1.5 Flash model and the next-generation Gemma 2. They also unveiled Project Astra, which aims to develop advanced AI assistants. Gemini 1.5 Flash is designed for speed and cost-efficiency, while 1.5 Pro now supports a 2 million token context window. Gemini Nano now includes multimodal capabilities. Project Astra focuses on creating proactive, teachable AI assistants.

  • Google integrates AI into Android, enhancing user interaction. New features include Circle to Search for homework help, Gemini for contextual assistance, and multimodal capabilities for Gemini Nano. TalkBack will offer clearer image descriptions for visually impaired users, and a new scam detection alert will protect against fraud during calls.

Meta Explores AI-Assisted Earphones With Cameras

Meta is developing AI-powered earphones with cameras to identify objects and translate languages. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reviewed several designs but remains unsatisfied. It's uncertain whether the final product will be earbuds or headphones. 

The project, internally called Camerabuds, aims to advance AI wearables following Meta’s addition of an AI assistant to Ray-Ban smart glasses. This initiative is part of a broader trend among tech companies exploring AI-enhanced wearable devices.

Claude is now available in Europe

Anthropic has launched Claude, its AI assistant, across Europe to boost productivity and creativity. Europeans can now use, the Claude iOS app, and the Claude Team plan for businesses. Claude offers strong comprehension in multiple European languages and an easy-to-use interface. 

The Claude iOS app is free, and users can subscribe to Claude Pro for €18 + VAT per month. The Team plan is €28 + VAT per user per month. Anthropic aims to create user-first AI systems and expand the reach of Claude 3's advanced capabilities throughout Europe.

Elon Musk's xAI nears $10 bln deal to rent Oracle's AI servers

Elon Musk's AI startup, xAI, is in discussions with Oracle to spend $10 billion on renting cloud servers, aiming to become one of Oracle's biggest customers. This move is part of Musk's strategy to rival AI giants like OpenAI and Google. The negotiations are ongoing, and no deal has been finalized yet. 

Previously, xAI was in talks to raise $3 billion, valuing the company at $18 billion. Oracle's co-founder Larry Ellison, a friend of Musk, revealed that xAI uses over 15,000 Nvidia H100 AI chips in Oracle's Gen2 Cloud. Both companies have not commented on the ongoing negotiations.

TikTok is testing AI-generated search results

TikTok is testing AI-generated search results with a feature called “search highlights.” These results, powered by ChatGPT, appear at the top of some search pages and provide detailed responses when clicked. This new feature is limited, as not all queries yield AI-generated answers. 

Additionally, TikTok has a “search highlights” feature, not labeled as AI-generated, whose sources are unclear. This move aligns with TikTok's strategy to enhance its search capabilities, particularly as younger users increasingly use the app for search purposes. The platform previously integrated Google Search results and links to Wikipedia and IMDb within its search results.

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