Former Leader Blasts OpenAI

PLUS: Stability AI Eyes New Investors, ChatGPT Enhances Data Analysis and more.


  • Former Leader Blasts OpenAI

  • Stability AI Eyes New Investors

  • Microsoft Faces EU AI Inquiry

  • ChatGPT Adds Cloud Imports

  • Microsoft Adds AMD AI Option

  • CoreWeave's $7.5B Debt Deal

  • ChatGPT Enhances Data Analysis

OpenAI’s former superalignment leader blasts company: ‘safety culture and processes have taken a backseat’

Jan Leike, former co-leader of OpenAI’s superalignment team, resigned alongside Ilya Sutskever, criticizing OpenAI for neglecting safety in favor of product development. Leike shared on social media that he clashed with leadership over the company's priorities and struggled to secure resources for crucial AI safety research. 

This resignation follows OpenAI’s disbanding of the superalignment team, which aimed to control superintelligent AI. Despite a pledge to allocate significant resources to this effort, Leike described ongoing challenges in advancing safety research. This controversy emerges as OpenAI releases new products and faces scrutiny from investors like Microsoft.

Stability AI in Talks to Raise Money From Group Including Sean Parker

Stability AI is in talks to raise funds from investors including Sean Parker, Facebook’s first president, to address its financial challenges. The startup, known for its open-source image generator Stable Diffusion, is facing a cash crunch and unpaid cloud computing bills. The investment group also includes Prem Akkaraju, former CEO of Weta Digital. 

Stability AI sells memberships for developers to use its image-generating models commercially. This investment could strengthen Stability's ties to media and entertainment companies, enhancing its market position. The deal aims to provide Stability with the necessary capital to continue its operations and growth.

Commission compels Microsoft to provide information under the Digital Services Act on generative AI risks on Bing*

The European Commission has intensified its enforcement actions against Microsoft by mandating the company to provide detailed information on the risks associated with Bing's generative AI features. Following an initial request on March 14, Microsoft now has until May 27 to comply. 

The request targets internal documents and data related to potential breaches of the Digital Services Act (DSA), particularly risks like AI "hallucinations," deepfake dissemination, and automated manipulation of services. These issues are critical for the integrity of the upcoming European Parliament elections. Non-compliance could result in substantial fines, emphasizing the importance of adherence to DSA provisions by Bing, designated as a Very Large Online Search Engine.

ChatGPT now lets you import files directly from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive

OpenAI has updated ChatGPT to allow direct import of files from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, available to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users. This feature, compatible with the new GPT-4o model and older versions, can be accessed by clicking a paper clip icon in the ChatGPT interface. 

Users can grant access to their cloud accounts to import various file types, including spreadsheets, presentations, and documents. The update enables full-screen, interactive editing of spreadsheets within ChatGPT, with options to customize and interact with charts. Privacy features ensure data from Team and Enterprise users isn’t used for training, and Plus users can opt out.

Microsoft offers cloud customers AMD alternative to Nvidia AI processors

Microsoft plans to offer its cloud customers AMD AI chips as an alternative to Nvidia processors. This announcement, made ahead of the Build developer conference, includes the introduction of AMD's MI300X AI chips through Microsoft's Azure service. These chips will provide a powerful option for training and running large AI models, addressing high demand for Nvidia's GPUs. 

Additionally, Microsoft will preview the new Cobalt 100 custom processors, which boast 40% better performance than other processors based on Arm Holdings' technology. These processors are being tested to enhance Microsoft Teams and compete with Amazon's Graviton CPUs.

CoreWeave Raises $7.5 Billion in Debt for AI Computing Push

CoreWeave, an AI cloud-computing startup supported by Nvidia, has secured $7.5 billion in debt financing from investors including Blackstone, Carlyle Group, and BlackRock. This deal is one of the largest private debt financings ever. It follows a recent $1.1 billion equity funding round that valued the company at $19 billion. 

CoreWeave had previously raised $2.3 billion in debt financing last year. The company continues to expand rapidly, leveraging significant financial backing to advance its AI computing capabilities.

Improvements to data analysis in ChatGPT

OpenAI has enhanced ChatGPT with new data analysis features. Users can now upload files directly from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, interact with tables and charts in an expandable view, and customize and download presentation-ready charts. These features are available to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users using the new GPT-4o model.

Key Features:

  • Direct File Uploads: Add files from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive without downloading them first.

  • Interactive Tables: Expand tables to full-screen view and follow real-time updates.

  • Customizable Charts: Customize bar, line, pie, and scatter plot charts and download them for presentations.

These improvements streamline data analysis, making it easier for both beginners and experts to handle complex datasets efficiently. OpenAI ensures comprehensive security and privacy for all users, with data controls and encryption features available.

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