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  • AI Firms Counter Copyright Infringement Claims

AI Firms Counter Copyright Infringement Claims

RECAP: Google’s €25 Million to Enhance AI Skills Across Europe, OpenAI’s Personalized Memory Feature

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Stability, Midjourney, Runway hit back in AI art lawsuit

A group of artists sued AI companies like Stability AI, Midjourney, and Runway, claiming their art was used without permission to train AI models, potentially infringing copyright. The AI firms hit back, arguing their tech creates new, not copied, art and doesn't directly use or replicate the original artworks unless specifically prompted by users. 

DeviantArt, also named in the lawsuit, clarified it doesn't develop AI art models but offered AI-generated art through its platform. The legal battle highlights the complex intersection of AI technology, copyright laws, and artistic creation, with outcomes that could reshape the use of AI in art.

Google pledges 25 million euros to boost AI skills in Europe

Google is investing 25 million euros in Europe to teach people about artificial intelligence (AI). The tech giant aims to bridge knowledge gaps and support businesses using AI. By funding nonprofits and offering free training courses in 18 languages, Google hopes to prevent AI from widening existing inequalities. 

This initiative aligns with their recent $1 billion investment in a data center near London to meet growing internet demands. Adrian Brown from the Centre for Public Impact emphasizes the importance of empowering Europeans with AI skills to ensure inclusive growth.

Nvidia’s Chat with RTX is a promising AI chatbot that runs locally on your PC

Nvidia rolls out "Chat with RTX," a tool for GeForce RTX 30 and 40 Series card owners, enabling offline AI chatbots on Windows PCs. Users can personalize GenAI models like ChatGPT, accessing local files for queries. However, it consumes significant storage (50-100GB), supporting various text formats and YouTube transcriptions. 

Yet, limitations exist: it can't retain context for follow-up questions and response quality varies. While not suitable for production, local AI model usage is a growing trend, aligning with the World Economic Forum's forecast for increased offline GenAI device availability, prioritizing privacy and cost-effectiveness.

ChatGPT is getting ‘memory’ to remember who you are and what you like

OpenAI is upgrading ChatGPT with "memory" to make conversations more personal. Users can choose to have the bot remember specific details or let it learn over time.

Despite benefits, privacy concerns arise as the bot accumulates user data. OpenAI assures users control over memory settings, including an incognito mode. 

OpenAI Unveils A.I. That Instantly Generates Eye-Popping Videos

OpenAI debuts Sora, an A.I. tech producing lifelike videos, following Runway AI's initial blurry attempts. The system, likened to Hollywood-grade footage, raises concerns about online disinformation. Named after the Japanese word for sky, Sora is shared with a select group for testing due to potential misuse risks. Watermarking helps identify A.I.-generated content, but removal is possible. 

Sora utilizes generative A.I., learning from video data and captions. Despite impressive results, occasional flaws occur, like a cookie that never shrinks. The rapid advancement of A.I. image generators like DALL-E poses challenges for digital artists, leading to job losses.

Masayoshi Son Seeks to Build a $100 Billion AI Chip Venture

SoftBank's Masayoshi Son eyes a mammoth $100 billion for an AI chip venture dubbed Izanagi, aiming to rival Nvidia and cater to AI's semiconductor needs. Son shifts focus from startups to this ambitious project, envisioning a synergy with Arm Holdings. 

SoftBank may invest $30 billion, with potential Middle Eastern backing for the rest. This move reflects Son's drive to shape the AI landscape, marking a significant pivot for the company.


This paper introduces a cutting-edge AI model designed to excel across various fields like robotics, gaming, and healthcare. It's a step up from one-trick ponies, blending different learning methods to create a versatile, smart system that can handle a bunch of different tasks by learning from videos, texts, and more. It's like teaching a robot to learn from YouTube, books, and playing games, making it a jack-of-all-trades in the AI world.

InternLM-Math is a high-performing, open-source math reasoning large language model that enhances abstract reasoning abilities. It integrates various techniques like chain-of-thought reasoning and code interpretation into a unified approach, achieving top results in math benchmarks. The model not only solves and verifies math problems but also helps in developing future math models. It showcases potential in multi-task learning with LEAN for both solving and proving math problems, with resources available on GitHub.

The Aya model by Cohere is a game changer in language tech, teaching a computer to understand and follow instructions in 101 languages, with a focus on those not usually in the spotlight. It's smarter than previous models in most tests and covers twice as many languages. The team also made sure it plays nice, checking for fairness and safety, and shared everything for free online.

BASE TTS is a groundbreaking text-to-speech model boasting 1 billion parameters and trained on 100,000 hours of speech data. It achieves top-notch speech naturalness by converting texts to "speechcodes" then to waveforms. Highlighting emergent abilities for complex sentences with its novel tokenization and compression methods, BASE TTS sets a new standard in speech synthesis, challenging other big models with its innovative approach and state-of-the-art results.

"GhostWriter" is about enhancing AI-assisted writing by making it more personalized and user-friendly. The tool learns a user's writing style on-the-fly and allows for manual tweaks to ensure the text sounds just right. Testing with 18 people showed it made writing with AI more tailored and controlled, leading to better collaboration between humans and AI in crafting texts. This approach could shape the future of writing aids, offering key insights for design improvements.


Podnotes - simplify podcast transcription. It provides an efficient platform for transcribing podcast episodes, making content more accessible to a wider audience.

Meetrics - AI-powered meeting preparation platform that leads to shorter, more efficient meetings. 

Taplio - Leverage AI to grow on LinkedIn

Goody 2 - world's most responsible AI model designed to avoid any potentially controversial or problematic responses, ensuring adherence to ethical principles. 

Agent Herbie -  AI-powered virtual assistant designed to assist founders, managers, and executives with various tasks, including research, writing, and data analysis.

Dripify -  LinkedIn automation tool designed to assist sales teams in improving their LinkedIn prospecting and lead generation efforts. 



Meet Goody-2, the AI too ethical to discuss literally anything

Meet Goody-2, the hyper-ethical AI model refusing to discuss anything, mocking overcautious AI norms. Created by Brain, it dodges questions with ethical justifications. Satirizing AI's safety obsession, Goody-2 eschews dialogue, exemplifying extremes. While amusing, it prompts reflection on AI's balance between responsibility and utility, questioning if caution stifles progress. TECHCRUNCH

Travel startup Layla acquires AI itinerary building bot Roam Around

Travel startup Layla, endorsed by notable investors, acquires Roam Around, an AI itinerary builder. Layla aims to enhance trip planning with Roam Around's expertise, integrating their services and phasing out the Roam Around brand gradually. The move aligns with Layla's strategy of merging strengths for improved user experience. TECHCRUNCH

Slack AI is here, letting you catch up on lengthy threads and unread messages

Slack introduces AI features for Enterprise users, offering thread summaries and channel recaps. Users can catch up on conversations, ask questions, and receive message summaries. The AI integrates with other apps, enhancing productivity. Slack assures data privacy. The feature is currently available in US and UK English. More languages and features are in the pipeline. THE VERGE

Apple buys domain suggesting generative AI additions may come to iWork

Apple has acquired the domain "iWork.ai," sparking speculation about potential AI features in its iWork suite. While some suggest a relaunch to compete with Microsoft Office and Google Docs, others caution it could be a move to protect intellectual property or prevent domain misuse. Expectations for AI integration in iOS at WWDC 2024 persist. APPLE INSIDER

Behold, a giant AI-generated rat dick

The scientific journal Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology recently published a paper titled "Cellular functions of spermatogonial stem cells in relation to JAK/STAT signaling pathway." However, what caught attention was not the content but rather the inclusion of AI-generated images, one of which depicted an egregiously inaccurate representation of a rat's anatomy. The image, created by an AI art generator called Midjourney, depicted a white rat with an excessively large frontal appendage, labeled with nonsensical terms such as "testtomcels" and "iollotte sserotgomar cell." MASHABLE

Protesters gather outside OpenAI office, opposing military AI and AGI

Dozens protested outside OpenAI's San Francisco HQ against AI advancement, particularly AGI, fearing its potential surpassing human intellect and military applications. Triggered by OpenAI's policy changes allowing military use, protesters demand ethical boundaries. Groups like Pause AI and No AGI advocate for halting AGI development to ensure safety and societal preservation. VENTUREBEAT

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