ChatGPT's New Google Rival

PLUS: Gemini's YouTube Music Extension, ElevenLabs' Music AI Preview and more.

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  • ChatGPT's New Google Rival

  • Stability AI Unveils Stable Artisan on Discord

  • Gemini's YouTube Music Extension

  • ElevenLabs' Music AI Preview

  • Stack Overflow Bans Rebel Users

  • Altera's Game AI Backed by Schmidt

  • AI Content Monster Hits Journalism

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OpenAI plans to announce Google search competitor on Monday, sources say

OpenAI is set to announce an AI-powered search product on Monday to challenge Google, according to sources. The product, an extension of ChatGPT, will enable real-time web searches with citations. This announcement may precede Google's I/O conference, where Google will reveal its own AI advancements. 

OpenAI's search feature will also rival Perplexity, an AI search startup. OpenAI's ChatGPT, which once reached 100 million monthly users rapidly, aims to expand its user base amid fluctuating web traffic. Previously, OpenAI retired ChatGPT plugins, an attempt to provide real-world information.

Stable Artisan: Media Generation and Editing on Discord

Stable Artisan is a new Discord bot by Stability AI for media generation using advanced models like Stable Diffusion 3. Accessible via the Stable Diffusion Discord server, it offers powerful tools like Search and Replace, Remove Background, Creative Upscale, and Outpaint to generate and edit images and videos. /dream is the main command to generate images, and the bot allows easy customization. 

Stable Artisan provides direct access to Stability AI's Platform API, bringing cutting-edge media generation and editing to a broader audience. Check the credit cost on the pricing page and read the Acceptable Use Policy before starting.

Here's Gemini's upcoming YouTube Music extension in action

Google is integrating a YouTube Music Extension into Gemini, its AI assistant. Once enabled, the extension will allow Gemini to access your YouTube Music data for better search results and seamless playback. A demo shows Gemini playing music directly from YouTube Music via a voice prompt. Users can explore songs, playlists, and artists without extra clicks. 

While the extension isn't live yet, its polished state suggests a launch soon. The feature aims to strengthen Gemini's integration within the Google ecosystem, making music discovery more intuitive.

ElevenLabs previews music-generating AI model

ElevenLabs, a voice AI startup, is previewing a new model that generates song lyrics from prompts. The model, which offers a creative way to produce music, could be used for lullabies, jingles, or podcast intros. Founded by former Google and Palantir employees, ElevenLabs specializes in machine learning for voice synthesis and cloning. 

While its marketplace allows users to sell AI-generated songs, questions arise about the use of copyrighted materials and potential job displacement for artists. ElevenLabs is expected to refine the model further, ensuring ethical compliance and offering new opportunities in AI music generation.

Stack Overflow bans users en masse for rebelling against OpenAI partnership — users banned for deleting answers to prevent them being used to train ChatGPT

Stack Overflow is facing backlash after partnering with OpenAI to use forum content for training ChatGPT. Users, upset over the use of their answers without consent, have been editing or deleting their posts in protest, leading to mass bans by site moderators. 

While Stack Overflow claims legal ownership of user-submitted content through its terms of service, many believe this violates their "right to forget." The partnership marks a significant shift in policy, as Stack Overflow previously banned generative AI-generated content. Despite criticism, the site sees AI integration as a profitable opportunity.

Bye-bye bots: Altera’s game-playing AI agents get backing from Eric Schmidt

Altera, a startup building AI game-playing agents, raised $9 million in a seed round led by First Spark Ventures and Patron. The company aims to develop AI agents that interact with players in games like Minecraft. Founded by neuroscientist Robert Yang and his MIT colleagues, Altera’s first product is an AI companion that plays Minecraft like a human. 

Unlike NPCs, these agents make their own decisions, offering a more dynamic gaming experience. Altera plans to expand to other games and eventually create AI agents that engage across various digital experiences.

Meet AdVon, the AI-Powered Content Monster Infecting the Media Industry

AdVon Commerce, known for generating AI-written content, has been accused of creating fake author bylines and replacing human writers with AI. The company, which was behind Sports Illustrated's and USA Today's questionable reviews, uses an internal AI tool, MEL, to generate articles that human editors refine. 

These pieces are often published under fabricated author names with AI-generated profile pictures. AdVon's practices blur journalism and advertising, misleading readers through affiliate links. Despite denials, internal videos and employee interviews suggest that AdVon relies heavily on AI, raising concerns about transparency and ethical standards in media.

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