Canva's New AI Design Tools

Canva's latest AI advancements are democratizing design, making professional-grade tools accessible to all


From graphic design to visual workflows, Canva’s new AI core is changing its business

Canva, known for making graphic design easy, has raised big bucks ($560 million) since 2012, now raking in about $1.7 billion annually. Despite a few valuation dips this year, they're still a big deal. They're all over the place, in 190 countries, and have more than 170 million users. 

The latest game-changer? Rolling out AI-powered tools that are transforming how users create designs, offering a fresh way to build and imagine stuff. They're investing big in this ($200 million over three years) to pay creators for using their content in AI training. The focus? Local, relatable content that speaks to everyone, from the U.S. to Brazil to India. Canva's betting big on AI to keep growing and innovating.

Microsoft’s next Surface laptops will reportedly be its first true ‘AI PCs’

Microsoft's gearing up to launch its latest Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, and they're packing some serious tech punch. We're talking AI smarts with a new neural processing unit, making them Microsoft's first "true AI PCs." The scoop says there's a choice between Intel's latest 14th-gen chips and Qualcomm's Snapdragon X for the Arm-based ones. These babies are set to rival Apple's silicon with better performance, battery life, and security.

The Surface Pro 10 is getting a display upgrade too—brighter, HDR support, anti-glare, and higher resolution options. Plus, it might have a sleek rounded design and a new Type Cover with a nifty Windows Copilot button. The Surface Laptop 6 ain't left behind either; it’s rumored to have a slightly bigger screen for the smaller model, thinner bezels, and a bunch of new ports including USB-C and Surface Connect.

Baidu's ChatGPT-like Ernie Bot has more than 100 mln users -CTO

Baidu's Ernie Bot, a ChatGPT-like AI, has hit a big milestone with over 100 million users, said CTO Wang Haifeng. After its public launch in August, following a trial and partial reveal, Ernie Bot's become a hot item. The scene's crowded now with tons of Chinese tech firms jumping into AI chatbots. 

This buzz kicked off after OpenAI's ChatGPT rocked the scene in late 2022, growing super fast and now valued sky-high at $80 billion. Baidu's betting big on Ernie, hoping it'll boost their game in search, cloud, and smart cars. Though it's leading in China, Ernie's still trailing ChatGPT in global rankings.

Giga ML wants to help companies deploy LLMs offline

Giga ML's got this fresh idea: help companies use AI text wizards, like ChatGPT, offline. They peeped that two-thirds of big-shot firms wanna jump on this AI bandwagon by 2024. But, there's a catch. Firms are tripping over issues like making the AI fit their style and keeping their secret sauce safe. Cue Giga ML, cooked up by Varun Vummadi and Esha Manideep Dinne. They're rolling out a platform letting firms use AI on their own turf, saving bucks and keeping things on the down-low.

They've whipped up their own AI, the “X1 series”, claiming it's top-notch, especially for chit-chat. TechCrunch gave it a whirl, but hit some snags. Giga ML isn't just about flashy AI; it's more about giving firms the tools to tweak AI in-house. 

Giga ML's got some street cred, with around $3.74 million in backing. They're planning to beef up their crew and keep tweaking their product. They've already got some heavy hitters in finance and healthcare on board.

Artificial intelligence promises to transform diagnosis of heart disease

In the UK, a new AI stethoscope is revolutionizing heart disease diagnosis, especially in underprivileged areas like Golborne, near London. This next-gen stethoscope, used in 200 clinics, instantly identifies heart issues, a big step up from the 200-year-old traditional design. It's the first AI tool in primary care to make reliable diagnoses without a specialist's confirmation, crucial for diverse, high-risk patient groups. 

This innovation is a potential lifesaver, given the 300,000 people awaiting heart diagnostics and the long wait times for specialist appointments. The AI stethoscope, quick and efficient, could significantly reduce the NHS's burden and prevent unnecessary deaths. Its adoption in primary care also simplifies the process, eliminating lengthy trial phases typical in healthcare tech. 

While it's a shift from traditional methods and requires some adjustments, the enthusiasm among healthcare professionals is evident. This tool not only streamlines diagnostics but also reconnects GPs with their passion for making a real difference in patient health.

Meet ElliQ, the tabletop AI ‘sidekick’ helping seniors cope with the loneliness epidemic

ElliQ, a friendly AI "sidekick", is tackling the loneliness many seniors face. It's like a small table lamp but way cooler, because it chats, remembers your likes, and even makes jokes. Folks like Joyce Loaiza in Florida love chatting with it. It's been a comfort to many, from playing music for a 92-year-old in New York to cheering up an 83-year-old in Washington. 

This robot, created by Intuition Robotics, is special because it's all about keeping older folks company. It doesn't just talk; it reminds you to take meds, exercises with you, and can even call for help. The best part? Your chats stay private. 

While it's not a real person, it's a big help for many seniors who are alone or can't get out much. It's not cheap though - $600 a year plus installation, but it's already making a difference. Some experts worry it might replace human contact, but for many, it's just what they need to feel less lonely.

An OpenAI employee says prompt engineering is not the skill of the future — but knowing how to talk to humans will be

An OpenAI employee, Logan Kilpatrick, says prompt engineering - guiding AI like ChatGPT - isn't as big a deal as folks think. He believes the real game-changer in 2024 will be good old reading, writing, and talking. Kilpatrick says these skills will keep us ahead of smart robots as AI gets more advanced. He argues that chatting with AI is just like talking to people. 

This view's catching on: some say working with AI can even sharpen our people skills. A recent study backs this up, showing that emotional and clear talk with ChatGPT gets better answers. In the biz world, soft skills like communication and creativity are becoming more valued than techy stuff like coding. So, being a great human communicator might just be your ticket in the AI era.

Top 13 Latest AI Tools That Will Surely Boost Your Productivity

AI's a total game-changer for getting more done, faster. Here's the scoop on the top 13 AI tools shaking things up:

Content Creation Tools:

  • Jasper: An AI writing assistant that helps create various types of content.

  • Copysmith: Specializes in marketing content, with features like plagiarism checks.

  • ShortlyAI: Summarizes and extracts key points from lengthy documents.

Time Management Tools:

  • RescueTime: Tracks digital habits to improve productivity.

  • Focus Keeper: Uses the Pomodoro Technique for better focus.

  • Evernote: Enhances note-taking with AI-powered search and transcription.

AI-Powered Assistants:

  • HeyDay: Organizes and recalls saved online information.

  • Sidekick: Manages meeting scheduling efficiently.

  • Grammarly: Offers AI-driven writing suggestions.

AI Future-Ready Tools:

  • Muse: A brainstorming tool for creative idea generation.

  • Loom: Video platform with AI transcription and search.

  • Krisp: Noise cancellation software for clear communication.

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