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The Best AI Newsletters - My Lovingly Curated List

AI progress hit an "inflection point" somewhere around 2020 and it's near impossible to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings. Here are the best AI newsletters in the space, that will help you keep on the cutting edge of what's going on.

Last Update: February 2023

This newsletter is less about "theory and research" and more about how AI applies to our everyday lives.

The tagline is "Use AI to increase your productivity and profits".

It covers a wide range of AI issues in a way to make is accessible to everyone.

What the NATURAL 20 AI Newsletter Covers

  • News - what's going on in AI, explained in a simple language, no tech background required.

  • Business - how AI is changing the business landscape including big tech as well as small business use cases.

  • Tools - some training on the latest AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and the like.

  • Thinkers - we hear from people who discuss all sides of AI. From complete AI pessimists to people who believe AI will usher in a new golden age.

What NATURAL 20 does NOT cover

This newsletter does NOT go into politics, the "culture war" as well as the outrage clickbait headlines that are so popular today. It's not here to brainwash or convince you.

NATURAL 20 and AI Alignment

The newsletter also doesn't take a side in the AI good or evil debate. If someone makes a good point about why it will kill us all, you'll hear it. If someone makes a good point about why it will bring world peace and prosperity, you'll hear it.

Ben Tossell does daily news updates about AI.

It's not aimed at techies and Ben specifically is excited at the prospect of using AI to create code without having to learn to actually code.

(which I'm excited about as well)

"What Matters in AI Right Now"

The Batch delivers weekly AI news and insights to help readers keep up with this rapidly changing field. It offers an authoritative perspective that's enlightening to both beginners and experts — along with a dash of fun.

Every issue includes a personal letter from Andrew Ng, so you'll always know what he's working on and thinking about.

Who is The Batch for?

The Batch is aimed at aspiring and active practitioners of machine learning.

It's also valuable for executives, enthusiasts, and people who simply want to understand the current reality of AI.

In the spirit of reaching people who are both new to the subject and deeply familiar with it, it's written in simple language that's true to the technical realities of the field.

News, trends, and educational nuggets related to Machine Learning & AI to stay ahead of the field.

About the author

Sebastian Raschka is a machine learning and AI researcher with a strong passion for education.

He is best known for my bestselling books on machine learning using open source software.

According to Sebastian:

People who work (or had worked) at OpenAI, seem to have a great perspective into AI and where it's heading.

So "Import AI" is an important newsletter to follow.

It’s written by Jack Clark, co-founder of Anthropic, an AI safety and research company.

He was previously the Policy Director of OpenAI.


From Import AI:

About Import AI

See a description here.

Subscribe here.

Import AI is a weekly newsletter about artificial intelligence, read by more than ten thousand experts.

It’s written by me – Jack Clark. I’m a co-founder of Anthropic, an AI safety and research company.

I was previously the Policy Director of OpenAI, an AI deployment company.

Before that, I worked as the world’s only neural network reporter at Bloomberg, and before that as the world’s only distributed systems reporter at The Register.

News at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, technology and business including Op-Eds, paper summaries and A.I. startups.

By Michael Spencer

Great newsletter especially for people looking for the intersection of AI and big tech.

Many articles about Apple, Microsoft, Google as well as industries like health care, military etc.

Haroon Choudery has an AI background and created a not for profit company that helps underprivileged groups in US and worldwide learn AI.

Marc Cuban was involved in the non profit in some way.

Marc Cuban is involved somehow... he might have funded Haroon's non-profit startup.

Other Great AI Newsletters

While these are the Best AI Newsletters we have compiled so far, we are constantly adding new ones, please check back often!

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