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  • Beyond Surface Statistics - AI SECRETLY builds visual models of the world

Beyond Surface Statistics - AI SECRETLY builds visual models of the world

Exploring the Philosophical and Scientific Arguments on Whether Artificial Intelligence Can Truly Think and Reason


Beyond Surface Statistics - AI SECRETLY builds visual models of the world

Ever hear the phrase, "I think, therefore I am?" Basically, it means that if you strip away all the fluff, the basic thing that remains is the thinking, the doubting part. Now, the big talk in the tech world is about whether artificial brains, or AI, can truly 'think' or 'understand.' Some big shots say they do, while others say they don't. It's like a nerd battle royale!

Recently, a study came out, which might tip the scales in this debate. They looked at how AI 'understands.'

Bing Chat AI is down, affecting Windows Copilot and more

Bing Chat is on the fritz, messing up not just chit-chats but also things like Microsoft Edge's sidebar and SwiftKey on Android. Even the soon-to-launch Copilot feature on Windows 11 is hit.

The problem's not just in the U.S., it's global. But don't blame OpenAI; their stuff is still working fine. Stay tuned for updates.

Funky AI-generated spiraling medieval village captivates social media

A Reddit user named Ugleh posted a crazy-cool AI-created image of a spiral medieval village and the internet lost its mind. The pic got tons of love, even catching the eye of tech bigwig Paul Graham, who said it passed his "Turing Test" for AI art. Basically, that means it's so good it could pass for something a human made.

Ugleh used some high-tech tricks to make the art, using something called Stable Diffusion and another thing called ControlNet. The tech lets you guide the AI to make more detailed and specific shapes. Some folks tried to nitpick the details, saying things like the shadows were off, but overall, people were blown away.

Defense AI startup Helsing breaks the record for European AI, raising a $223M Series B

Helsing, a defense-focused AI startup, just scored $223 million in a funding round, making it a big player in European tech. Spotify founder Daniel Ek and investment firm General Catalyst threw in the cash, and Swedish defense company Saab joined as a key partner.

This could make Helsing Europe's top dog in both AI and defense tech, with a value over $2 billion. The company aims to make defense systems smarter and has already landed deals like enhancing Eurofighter jets and contributing to future combat air systems. The new money is seen as a thumbs-up for European tech and Helsing's mission to help democracies defend themselves.

Candy Crush tech guru on how 'really exciting' AI is supercharging work on one of world's most popular games

Candy Crush, the addictive tile-matching game that's been hooking folks for over a decade, isn't slowing down. It's still a cash cow, raking in over $1 billion a year. The game's developer, King, says AI tech could make the game even better and faster. No, AI won't take artists' jobs; it's more like a turbo-charged assistant that handles the boring stuff so the creative team can focus on cool new levels.

King's already using bots to test out the game, making sure it’s fun for all 238 million players. This tech isn't just changing games; it's shaking up everything from music to movies. King’s tech boss is pumped about AI’s future but also knows there are bumps on the road, like who owns the AI-created content. Bottom line: expect even more Candy Crush madness, and soon.

DeepMind’s cofounder: Generative AI is just a phase. What’s next is interactive AI.

DeepMind's cofounder, Mustafa Suleyman, is all-in on what he calls "interactive AI," which is way beyond your run-of-the-mill chatbots. He's saying that the future is about AI bots that don't just chat but actually do stuff for you, like calling up other software and people. With his new billion-dollar company Inflection, backed by big names like Microsoft and Nvidia, he's got the muscle to make it happen.

This guy's got a history of tech optimism. He's been aiming to make the world better with tech since his DeepMind days. Now, with Inflection, he's doubled down by raising a cool $1.5 billion. His new chatbot, Pi, is designed to be both super polite and super secure, without any of the nasty or controversial stuff that other bots might spit out.

AI can help screen for cancer—but there’s a catch

AI's stepping into the cancer-detecting game, folks. Microsoft's teamed up with Paige, a digital pathology company, to create a mammoth AI model that can spot cancer. The test run for AI in breast cancer screening even spotted 20% more cancers and made work easier for docs.

But hold your horses, it ain't all sunshine and rainbows. Some studies say more screening doesn't necessarily save more lives. The big issue? Overdiagnosis. That means you spot a cancer that's actually not gonna harm you, but you still go through nasty treatments for no good reason.

Teachers Are Going All In On Generative AI

Teachers are diving into AI tools to make lesson planning easier and more engaging. Tim Ballaret, a high school teacher in LA, used an AI tool called MagicSchool to whip up lesson plans that include stuff his students actually care about, like Taylor Swift and Minecraft. This saved him time, letting him kick back and enjoy his summer. Despite fears that students are using AI to cheat, surveys show teachers are actually the main users of this tech.

The article talks about the growing popularity of MagicSchool and similar platforms that help teachers create worksheets, tests, and even handle student behavior issues. They're a hit, but not everyone's sold. Some critics argue AI isn't a magic fix for deeper issues like poor pay and lack of prestige in teaching.

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