AGI House introduces Sora

PLUS: TSMC's Arizona Plant Boosts US Chip Production, Mustafa Suleyman Leads Microsoft's London Hub and more.

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  • AGI House introduces Sora

  • TSMC's Arizona Plant Boosts US Chip Production

  • Mustafa Suleyman Leads Microsoft's London Hub

  • Spotify AI Playlist Creation 

  • Ive, Altman's Startup Eyes AI Device

  • Stable LM 2 12 Billion Parameters

Sora Creator “Video generation will lead to AGI by simulating everything” | AGI House Video

The AGI House team presents a groundbreaking video generation technology, Sora, aimed at revolutionizing content creation. They demonstrate its ability to produce high-definition, minute-long videos with remarkable complexity, including object permanence and diverse styles. 

Sora learns from various visual data, not just real-world physics, potentially democratizing content creation. Artists are engaged for feedback on usability and safety concerns, while continuous scaling enhances its capabilities. Challenges include fine-tuning for specific content and ensuring responsible use. Future goals include interactive video generation and simplifying the complex engineering process.

TSMC boosts Joe Biden’s AI chip ambitions with $11.6bn US production deal

The Computer Chip

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) has agreed to produce its most advanced chips in Arizona from 2028, a boost to the US government's efforts to bring chip production to home soil. TSMC's new fabrication plant in Phoenix will manufacture cutting-edge 2-nanometre chips, surpassing its previous plans.

The company will increase its total investment in the US to $65bn, including the construction of a third fab with even more advanced technology, to be operational by 2030. The deal aligns with the White House's goal of bringing 20% of the world's advanced semiconductor manufacturing onshore by 2030.

Microsoft to launch AI hub in London

Microsoft plans to open a new AI hub in London, led by Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of Google DeepMind. With competition for AI talent rising in Europe, Microsoft aims to attract experts from companies like DeepMind. This move bolsters Britain's tech standing, following its hosting of a global AI summit.

Although criticized for sidestepping regulations by hiring Suleyman and his team, Microsoft's commitment to invest £2.5 billion in British data centers and AI skills underscores its dedication. Suleyman emphasizes the UK's commitment to responsible AI advancement, reflecting Microsoft's ambition with this new hub.

Spotify’s latest AI feature builds playlists based on text descriptions

Spotify introduces an AI Playlist feature in beta, allowing users to create curated playlists based on text descriptions. Initially available to Premium subscribers in the UK and Australia, users can prompt the feature with phrases like "music to read to on a cold, rainy day." The AI generates a playlist of 30 songs matching the vibe, which can be further adjusted with additional prompts. 

While the feature impresses with niche playlists, it has limitations like not responding to non-music-related prompts and offensive content. Despite potential price increases, the feature offers a faster and more convenient way to discover music with specific aesthetics.

Jony Ive and Sam Altman’s AI Device Startup in Funding Talks With Emerson, Thrive

Former Apple designer Jony Ive and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman are spearheading a secretive startup aimed at launching an AI-powered personal device. The company is currently in funding discussions with major venture capital players like Emerson Collective and Thrive Capital. 

Given Altman's ties to OpenAI, there's speculation that the device could leverage OpenAI's conversational AI technology. Ive is reportedly seeking funding of up to $1 billion for the project. 

Stability AI brings 12B parameters to Stable LM 2 model update

Stability AI launches Stable LM 2 12B, a new model update packed with 12 billion parameters, enhancing its text capabilities. The update aims to balance power, accuracy, and accessibility, outperforming larger models in certain benchmarks. It includes a conversational variant across seven languages and emphasizes safety. 

Despite leadership changes, the company remains focused on innovation. Additionally, improvements are made to the existing 1.6B model, enhancing its conversational style and compatibility with other software tools. Stability AI emphasizes the importance of offering different model sizes to cater to various use cases and resource constraints.


The paper explores enhancing large language models (LLMs) post-training by leveraging preference feedback from an authoritative source, diverging from conventional reward-maximization methods. Introducing Direct Nash Optimization (DNO), the study presents a scalable algorithm aligning with contrastive learning principles, demonstrating superior performance over existing models, including Mistral Large and older GPT versions.

AutoWebGLM tackles challenges in web navigation for large language models. Developed from human browsing patterns, it simplifies webpage HTML while retaining essential data. Utilizing hybrid human-AI training, it enhances model understanding and task efficiency through reinforcement learning. Evaluated on real-world tasks, it shows promise but faces hurdles in complex environments.

Multimodal models' "zero-shot" performance relies on pretraining data frequency. Examining 34 models across datasets, research finds exponential data needs for linear gains. Even controlling for similarities, models struggle with long-tailed data, challenging "zero-shot" generalization. "Let it Wag!" benchmark highlights data scarcity's impact on model performance, suggesting a need for improved training paradigms.

The paper introduces Stream of Search (SoS), teaching language models to search effectively by representing search processes as a language. Demonstrated in the game Countdown, SoS pretraining improves search accuracy by 25%, with finetuning methods solving previously unsolved problems, showcasing the potential for language models to learn and improve problem-solving through search.

The paper introduces RLCM, a framework for fine-tuning consistency models via RL to optimize text-to-image generative models for task-specific rewards. Unlike diffusion models, RLCM generates images in fewer iterations, improving quality and speeding up training and inference. Experimentally, RLCM adapts to various objectives and outperforms RL-finetuned diffusion models, offering faster training and improved image quality.


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So long, Studio Bot

Google renamed its AI coding assistant from Studio Bot to Gemini in Android Studio, emphasizing its AI capabilities. Powered by the Gemini Pro 1.0 model, it promises quicker and more precise coding solutions. Competitors like Amazon and GitHub also offer similar AI coding assistants. THE VERGE

Apple’s $25-50 million Shutterstock deal highlights fierce competition for AI training data

Apple's deal with Shutterstock, estimated at $25-50 million, reflects the fierce competition for AI training data among tech giants like Google and Meta. As AI advances, concerns over data usage without permission spark legal battles, prompting calls for licensing agreements. The evolving AI data market, valued at $2.5 billion, signifies high stakes for industry dominance and privacy rights. VENTUREBEAT

Alibaba Slashes Cloud Prices Globally as AI Demand Quickens

Alibaba slashes cloud prices globally by up to 59%, aiming to maintain market share amid fierce competition and internal restructuring. CEO Eddie Wu leads efforts to rejuvenate Alibaba's core businesses, including ecommerce. The move follows a surge in demand for cloud services to support AI development worldwide. BLOOMBERG

Ex-Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on her new photo app, souped up by AI

Marissa Mayer's startup, Sunshine, launched the Shine photo-sharing app, aiming to revive personal photo sharing amid declining app downloads. Shine auto-creates event albums using AI, simplifying sharing. Mayer discusses the app's strategy, AI's role, and industry trends, emphasizing privacy and personalized services over ad-based models. SEMAFOR

Oracle Introduces AI-Powered Anti-Money Laundering Service for Banks

Oracle Financial Services has launched the Compliance Agent, an AI-powered cloud service assisting banks in detecting and mitigating anti-money laundering (AML) risks. By enabling scenario testing and transaction analysis, the service enhances compliance efforts and addresses evolving fraud threats. AI adoption among financial institutions for fraud prevention is on the rise, indicating a shift towards advanced technologies in combating financial crimes. PYMNTS

AI startup Kaikaku has launched a robot-powered restaurant. Check out the 12-slide pitch deck it used to raise $1.8 million.

Kaikaku, an AI startup, has recently launched a robot-powered restaurant. The company successfully raised $1.8 million, utilizing a 12-slide pitch deck. The innovative approach combines robotics and dining, potentially revolutionizing the restaurant industry. BUSINESS INSIDER

Mental health chatbots powered by artificial intelligence developed as a therapy support tool

AI-driven mental health chatbots like Woebot offer 24/7 support for depression, anxiety, and addiction. Developed by Alison Darcy, Woebot uses text to mimic cognitive behavioral therapy. However, concerns arise about harmful advice from generative AI chatbots like Tessa, revealing the challenge of balancing innovation with safety in mental health tech. CBS NEWS

OpenAI Made Sam Altman Famous. His Investments Made Him A Billionaire.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, became a billionaire through smart startup investments like Reddit and Stripe, despite having no equity in OpenAI. His quick decision-making and connections, like reaching Google's CEO to fix a startup crisis, earned him respect in the tech world. Altman's wealth also stems from bold investments in companies like Helion and Retro Biosciences, making him a new billionaire on Forbes' list. FORBES

Elon Musk predicts AI will overtake human intelligence next year

Elon Musk predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) will surpass human intelligence by the end of next year, as long as there is sufficient electricity and hardware to meet the technology's demands. Musk believes that within the next five years, AI capabilities will exceed those of all humans, marking the achievement of artificial general intelligence. FINANCIAL TIMES

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